June 8, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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How can India reach the finals? Explain all scenarios

The Indian cricket team suffered its second consecutive defeat in the Super 4 stage of the 2022 AFC Asia Cup on Tuesday night as it once again failed to defend a wicket in more than 170 overs. India had set Sri Lanka a target of 174, and the Lancasters dismissed them with 6 wickets and a ball to spare. The last two performances mirrored how India lost against Pakistan on Sunday.

Bhowaneswar KumarInefficient bowling cost India again in the final over and young Arshdeep’s best efforts went in vain as he had just 6 runs to defend on both counts.

India’s toothless bowling in the powerplay led to Sri Lanka’s victory as Nisanga and Mendes escaped in the opening game of the Lanka Championship. Josephindra ChahalThree wickets brought India into the match, but the Indians lacked the crucial edge to help them dominate the kills.

India are now on the brink of a second defeat in a row. But Rohit Sharma’s side could still qualify for the finals.

Here are all the scenarios considering the other three teams:

Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka qualified for the finals with their second straight win. India now need Sri Lanka to beat Pakistan, and that too by a huge margin.


Pakistan:If Pakistan beat Afghanistan on Wednesday, it will be a screening for Rohit Sharma’s side. Indian requirements Babar Assam And his men would lose to Sri Lanka by a wide margin and Afghanistan by a relatively narrow margin.

Afghanistan:A strong Afghanistan will be India’s last opponent in the Super 4 stage, but they need it first Prophet MuhammadThe team to beat Pakistan. Next, India will hope to keep their chances alive by defeating Afghanistan by a huge margin.