March 30, 2023

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Hero’s New Enduro Rally Debuts In India And 400cc Water-Resistant Xpulse –

I think we have already mentioned it more than once. News related to those motorcycles that can take us to distant places excites us a lot. Of course, we love all motorcycles, but have a particular preference for those designed to keep the ride going when the roads end. Perhaps this is an idealization of the concept adventure It’s in our heads, but when we get something like this it triggers something.

Hero is one of the major manufacturers in the world and has been in our market for about six years, although it recently changed its rep and in this new phase, it has many new features on the horizon. The brand re-entered our market last year, a sequence Very interesting, but with all its offerings there is no motorcycle above 200 cc., that seems to be changing.

At the Indian National Sprint Rally Championship in Bangalore, the MotoCorp Works Hero team will race a new bike in addition to the existing race-ready XPulse 200 4V Rally.

Of the five riders in the Hero squad, two will be racing the new bike, which is easily distinguishable by its liquid-cooled engine, new frame and longer wheelbase. It is clear that the event is being used as part of the testing phase to assess the overall potential of this new enduro/rally bike.

Hero’s new motorcycle has participated in the Group A category, which is for motorcycles above 400 cc. This solidifies the manufacturer’s plans for the future, which is not surprising given the growth the low-mid displacement segment is experiencing. It is no longer a niche, but one of the most important segments of the entire industry.

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The new 400 cc – or more Hero has the frame and engine that will power the brand’s next ADV, Royal Enfield’s new Himalayan, the KTM Adventure 390 and the upcoming motorcycle. CFMoto’s Adv. But Hero’s 400-450 platform doesn’t just have an ADV, it will offer a version as well. Double play And one Supersport.

Rumors talk about a 420cc engine. The ADV called Xpulse 420 is speculated to be launched next year. Some of the standout features of this rally include full LED lights, hooded headlamp as seen in photos, very wide and flat handlebars, grip covers, very tall front fender, large diameter adjustable setbacks at the front, spoke wheels with lug covers, a compact fuel tank design. And a flat design seat with an exhaust muffler below it.

Outside, the monoshock dips a lightweight aluminum-alloy swingarm. The bike, like many in this class, can be intimidating for shorter people due to the seat height, but with proper technique it shouldn’t be a hindrance to anyone. Looking at the extra long side crutch that the bike rests on, one can infer that this hero has a better clearance. Motorcycle brakes are disc brakes on both wheels.

As for the performance of this new engine Water bearer From Hero, and considering the displacement, a motorcycle with a power close to 40 horsepower and a maximum torque of 40 Nm should be expected, without trying to be a very powerful mechanic, the manufacturer definitely aims to deliver the motorcycle. Take into account as much as possible the lighting, the materials used and the type of painting that can be seen in the pictures.

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We understand here that Hero wants to provide a good balance between performance and reliability, which has been the case in all its products so far, many of which have their origins during the partnership with Honda. We should not leave aside the fact that the brand has had its best performance so far in Dakar 2023, winning two stages, a podium in another stage and a driver in the top 10, Franco Gaimi, which shows the obvious. They have plenty of growth potential and keep growing year after year.

Undoubtedly, this Hero platform will add great appeal to its product offering and offer a package with more power and torque, of course, with more equipment and technology. As for the possibility of reaching our market, once its production is operational, we take it as a fact, because a market like ours should have a lot of interest for the brand to have a motorcycle or range with these characteristics.