June 3, 2023

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He was the owner of the theatrical inn ‘Martin’ 54 – Deadline

Sean Lampkin, best known for his role as Nipsey’s Tavern owner on the 1990s sitcom Martin, died at the age of 54. He died last Wednesday in his sleep of unknown causes, according to his friend Marcel Watts.

“My boyfriend, last roommate of 10 years ago, father and family man, brother, ski buddy, business partner, and coach passed away this morning. Watts wrote RIP Sean Lampkin.

“BKA as Nipsey the Bartender martin, Pest control man in bad boys, Cab driver in Big Mamas House and shooter in life,” she added. “He was a black belt in karate, too. He worked for Martin Lawrence for decades as his right-hand man. No Martin without Sean.”

Mymnar also praised Grayton.

“Sean gave us every morning sunshine to lead his loved ones and friends on paths bright and devoid of any danger. He gave us outpourings of love every day when we didn’t feel right, or didn’t seem to want to do anything,” he wrote in the post. essence.

Stand-up comedian Jay Torey shared a spin on Instagram of photos of these two comedians.

“Rest in my brother’s power! my man # Xi’an Lampkin Home has been called. #MartinShow #Nice Tory wrote: What a funny and well underrated guy.

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