January 31, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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He was born again! The Incredible Way Story Stories Of A Motorcycle Driver In India Surviving A Crash Train EC Stories revtli | Answers

A man from He lived a dramatic moment, perhaps he passed on to him throughout his life, which escaped death For A few millimeters, he was able to jump at the right time and escape death.

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Motorists’ blindness, urgency or inattention remain in the collective memory. Others are frightened when they cross these tracks at the exact moment the train is approaching.

Precisely, this is what happened this week, a man Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh, India Starring in an action movie series, To cross the railroad tracks fast, the train ran over the motorcyclist a few seconds ago.

Street security camera footage, At the level crossing is shown how the man crosses the railroad tracks Suddenly you feel it Comes with a train at full speed from your left.

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The driver was saved a few millimeters away at the last momentHowever, The train towed his motorcycleIt exploded and shattered, after rolling on its jump man and adjacent tracks.

Surviving an accident like this is incredible, The protagonist of the scene touched his back and waist and walked over to check that he was not injured. Also, although it seemed strange to him, the train did not touch him.

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It is not clear why the person crosses the level crossing as the train passes In India it is common for motorcyclists to cross them instead of waiting.

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Pictures of the event have been widely shared on the Internet. Many users of social networking sites have criticized motorcyclists for not respecting the safety barrier, while others have suggested that level crossings should be protected. By a guard who stopped people from going.

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