June 8, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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He wanted to fly to India with 4 kg of cocaine hidden in soap: they arrested him in Ezeza.

The Ezeiza International Airport was a law will work Detention National authorities against a man They were looking for a monthKnowing that Enter Argentina from the United States -Where does he come from- Search for drugs and then transfer them to another country.

With this information provided by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s Aviation Liaison Program (AIRCAP), the Airport Security Police (PSA) awaited his return to the airport with the aim of removing the undetected drug.

This is what this 47-year-old man finally did Appeared before the counters The PSA was awaiting his arrival as part of a series of investigative efforts to locate A terminal airline companies the force faced. After being able to find LA NACION, he decided to board an Air France flight to India.

The PSA arrested a man in Ezeiza with four kilos of cocaine hidden in soap

However, PSA members already had a court order against him. They drew attention to the uniform when it was requested in Ezeiza He carried 24 rectangular soap boxes in his luggage. The contents of these wrappers were, in fact, a whitish powder that tested positive for cocaine hydrochloride when subjected to rigorous tests.

In the videos recorded in the room where the operation took place, you can see how the troops handle these soap wrappers. Then, when they cut the boxes and are subjected to the tests, when they are sprayed with the test spray, it turns blue, which indicates a positive result. In the images, a suitcase carried by the passenger is shown on the side, its contents emptied to one side and part of its bottom exposed.

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After the procedure, PSA found that the American had a total of 4025 grams Cocaine. He was arrested and brought to court.

Another arrest of public importance this week took place in Ezeza: that Four young men in their twenties from Iraq He tried to board a KLM flight to Amsterdam with apocryphal documents. Now the two couples, Kurdish Iraqis who arrived in Latin America by plane via Brazil and overland from the latter country to Argentina, have been accused of falsifying documents. Before they tricked the Missions’ immigration officials.

According to judicial sources, the four were illegal immigrants who tried to reach Europe via a less secure route and obtained false passports in Brazil. Their identities are Osun Edo, 21 years old; Masood Faidi, 23 years old; Salma Al Salim, 20 years old; and Chad Colo, 20 years old.