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Harry plans to rewrite the palace rule book after convincing himself that William is jealous |  Royal |  News

Harry plans to rewrite the palace rule book after convincing himself that William is jealous | Royal | News

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first overseas tour as a married couple was a resounding success. Over the course of 16 days, Meghan and Prince Harry made 75 engagements across Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Tonga, where they were constantly greeted by huge crowds.

Now, investigative journalist Tom Power has claimed in his forthcoming book Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the House of Windsor, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have “convinced themselves” during their royal tour of Oceania that Prince William was “jealous of their success”.

In an excerpt posted by Sunday timesthe author provocatively claimed: “On October 23, one week into the round, the dice were rolled.

Harry and Meghan seem to have convinced themselves that William is jealous of their success in Australia.

“It was time for a ‘change.’ They needed to get out of the stifling aquarium at Kensington Palace.

“For her employees, she gave the impression that she believed she embodies the importance of the monarchy.”

Express.co.uk has contacted representatives of the Sussexes at Archewell for comment.

Meghan and Prince Harry themselves touched upon their visit to Australia during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired in March last year.

Asked by the TV presenter if he thought Meghan had been “well received at first” by his family, Harry said: “Yes. Much better than I expected.”

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“But, you know, my grandmother was great all the time. You know, my dad, brother, Kate and all the family, they were, they were really welcoming.

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“But it really changed after the tour of Australia, after our tour of the South Pacific.”

“But it was also the first time the family saw how great it is at work. It brought back memories,” he continued.

Winfrey asked Harry if he had referred to memories of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s Australian tour in the early 1980s, which clearly demonstrated the popularity of the Princess of Wales and, as later reported, may have sparked the jealousy that overwhelmed the Prince of Wales.

After the Duke gave Mrs. Winfrey a favorable response, she prompted him to elaborate further, saying: “[The tour] Where your father and mother went there and your mother was amazing. So, are you saying there are hints of jealousy? “

He replied, “Listen, I just hope we can all learn from the past.”

He added that the Duchess came “to the family very quickly” and “without effort” during the tour and was able to communicate easily with people.

Meghan joined the royal family as one of its working members in May 2018, after marrying Prince Harry.

She immediately began working on issues close to her heart, and in January 2019 was awarded four royal patronageships ranging from animal welfare to women’s support and gender equality.

The Duke and Duchess pulled out of the company as senior members of the royal family at the end of March 2020, and have since moved to California.

In late 2020, they founded their organization, Archewell, which includes audio and video production companies and a nonprofit.

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On top of doing philanthropy and supporting causes they care about — like mental health and women’s empowerment — they’ve also struck deals as producers with Netflix and Spotify, and Harry has become chief impact officer at BettterUp for mental health and coaching.