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Half-Life 2 can be played in VR Mod, beta released September 2022

Half-Life 2 can be played in VR Mod, beta released September 2022

After years of development, and a lot of ups and downs along the way, the developers of the original virtual reality model half life 2 They announced a public beta that will be launched next month.

Half-Life 2: VR It has been in development for a long time It was originally part of Steam’s Greenlight back in 2017And indeed, it has been worked on by some of the participants in the project since then 2013. The slow progress was mostly due to the fact unlike AlexThe The game simply wasn’t designed to be played in VR, and so there are so many sections that it was difficult, if not impossible, to transfer it to a headset.

Thanks to the “very positive feedback from our private beta testers” in recent weeks, the developers have proven themselves and are now believing That the game as it is now is not only completely complete from start to finish, but is also very interesting.”

As a result, they announced that they will be detained next month A public beta that shows everything that’s running so far. Which, based on the trailer below—which includes sections for the vehicle—a lot:

Half-Life 2: VR – Public Beta Trailer

You may now have some questions, especially about movement and vehicles, For which the developer FAQ section contains answers:

What movement options are available?

The device features smooth motion, the direction of motion can be configured to either follow your head or either of the two controllers. Rotation can be configured to be either smooth or at fixed intervals (sudden turns).

There is currently no teleportation available, and it is not clear if it will become a viable option in the future.

How will you deal with the car sections? I don’t think I can stand them in VR.

Right now, car rides really require VR’s sturdy legs. However, there are some comfort options available to help you survive it. Classic action engraving is available and can be activated for ride-on. While riding vehicles, the boundaries of your screen will be darkened, reducing the field of view and reducing the effect of motion sickness. In addition, you can choose to experience the car ride from the perspective of the third person camera. In this mode, the camera follows the vehicle remotely and is not directly exposed to the vehicle’s rapid movements and turns, which greatly reduces motion sickness. However, it makes controlling vehicles more difficult.

In the future, we may implement an additional mode where the car ride is placed on a virtual 2D screen in front of the user, so that everyone has the opportunity to go through the car sections of the game. This mode will of course be less attractive than the current one because it will remove any 3D effect from the experience.

This 2D virtual screen option looks perfect for anyone feeling nauseous! You can read more about the project, see what areas they are still dealing with, On her website.

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