January 27, 2023

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Grupo Éxito creates an exhibition with over 250 products from India

Grupo Éxito and its Éxito brand have launched an exhibition in its 30 stores and digital channels with over 250 products from India. This culturally rich country inspired this campaign.

Luz María Ferrer, General Consumer Products Manager at Grupo Éxito, said such activities are a great corporate bet because they offer new products to customers.

“Thanks to this commitment, we have sold over 200,000 units, with 18% sales growth over the previous year. Our own brand, Taeq, was well received during this experience, due to its components and characteristics. Inspired by the variety, spices, snacks, mixed nuts, cookies, infusions and spices are also part of this beautiful endeavor of the Éxito brand.

The offer includes home and cupboard decorations with more than 100 references, as well as dishes and references prepared in the mass consumption category in products such as turmeric and pepper; With the full offer of tea varieties such as green, black chai and oolong, the brand wants to provide Colombians with an unforgettable experience with fragrances, flavors, textures and images that recreate the best of this country.

These products are available through ideas inspired by various parts of this vast country such as Jaisalmer, the city of gold; Jaipur, famous for its iconic Holi festival; Varanasi, the place where they celebrate death with flowers and candles and Udaipur; Named for the blue houses and complex streets.

“A whole cultural experience with imported and national products inspired by the country of a thousand colors,” said Lucia de la Bawa, corporate manager and textile and home business at Grupo Exito.

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“India is a region with a special charm and from the Éxito brand, we want our customers to get the best out of hand-crafted details and decorations inspired by cheerful and elegant tones,” the manager said.