May 28, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Greenworks Brewing Company, Hells SR

The 2023 Cincinnati’s Favorite Beer Championship has broken all records, upended all scenarios, and is now approaching the most dramatic finale ever.

ascending arc No. 4 stubs 🏆 Hells SR (Greenworks Brewing Company) He defeated the double defending champion, the No. 1 seed favorite in the win-win contest Bohemian Special (Wiedemann’s Fine Beer) in an amazing final match for the ages.

The final score was 875-790, the closest ever to a final (see more on that in the breakdown below).

Helles Real had a bumpy road to the title, putting up some tough competition. The path was smooth with victories over the No. 5 seed Kenny Day Drinkin’ Lager (16 lots), the first seed Boston Leisure (Sam Adams), seed no. 2 Vlad (fretboard) and seed number 2 you betcha! (sonder) before dropping the returning hero.

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If you’ve never tasted the winning brew, here’s what the Grainworks website says: “Brewed in collaboration with Norden (the FC Cincinnati fan group), this Munich-style German lager has a rich malt character balanced by light noble hops, with a tangy finish.” It’s also listed at 4.666% ABV. get it?