June 7, 2023

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Govt-19: India dispenses more than 25 million vaccines in a single day

The India More than 25 million vaccines were given against COVID-19 On the last day, the record number associated with the special campaign commemorating the 71st birthday of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

“I would like to thank all the doctors, medical personnel and management in the country. Through their efforts, India has set a record by vaccinating more than 25 million people in a single day yesterday,” Modi said in a video on Saturday.

In a message on Twitter, the president linked the victory to the commitment of the people as a whole: “It’s a sense of duty to manage 25 million vaccines.”

The Ministry of Health today said that the record number had been reached on Friday, according to data provided by Indian regions, with “42,000 vaccines per minute or 700 vaccines per second” being vaccinated as they progressed.

Due to the size of yesterday’s campaign, Indian authorities The final exact figure was revealed Vaccinated It is expected to be available late Friday to Saturday.

Vaccinated population

According to official data, This country Of the 1,350 million people, 794 million have been vaccinated so far COVID-19 The national campaign started across the country from January 16 last.

In recent weeks, India has recorded one of its data Vaccine More, in many cases 10 million vaccines in a single day, however, Friday’s data is higher than the vaccine average of the past two weeks. (EFE)

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