March 30, 2023

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Govit-19 in India: Corona virus cases and vaccination from May 21

The International spread of corona virus This has been going on for more than two years, and countries are going through different realities as new mutations in the virus emerge and the vaccination program progresses in the world. In which May 21, in India As described by health officials, 2,008 new Govt-19 patients and 25 deaths have been recorded.

To date, A total of 43,136,340 people in India are affected by corona And 524,348 died.

India is the second most affected country by corona. The top ten lists are compiled as follows: United States (84,964,627 cases), India (43,136,340 cases), Brazil (30,778,607 cases), France (29,337,985 cases), Germany (26,082,317 cases), United Kingdom (22,238,715 cases), Russia (18,288,740 cases), South Korea (17,938,399 cases), Italy (17,229,263 cases), Turkey (15,061,376 cases).

Govt 19 vaccination in India from May 21

Campaign of Corona virus vaccine In India it has reached a total of 1,918,969,942 used till May 21st. Of that number, 1,009,044,161 received a single dose, while 879,319,669 had already received both doses. From these doses, 77.91% of the population received the first vaccine, while 67.89% had already received both drugs. In addition, 2.36% already have a booster.

Depending on the level of immunization of the population, India It ranks 89th with 1,918,969,942 used doses. The list of top 10 countries is as follows: Malt (1,325,592); Chili (55,736,928); Maldives (942,138); Brunei (1,124,035); Taste (6,819,720); Iceland (850,505); Singapore (14,055,906); United Arab Emirates (24,796,738); South Korea (126,672,554); Cuba (27,818,632)

Considering the population density, 67.89% shows two levels India, Ranked 76th in the world. This list is guided by the following countries: Taste (99.99%); Malt (99.99%); Maldives (99.99%); Brunei (99.32%); United Arab Emirates (98.24%); Chili (96.21%); Samoa (92.88%); China (90.94%); Cambodia (90.83%); Singapore (90.08%).

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