May 28, 2023

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Google disables RCS messages in India due to corporate spam abuse

Google Message stopped processing R.C.S. Inside India Due to the wrong position of the companies Spam.

This tool was used daily by Indian companies to deliver ads and promotional content at inconvenient rates to the user. Given this, Google Has decided to act.

Against Spam

Companies seem to be abusing one feature R.C.S. Designed to allow companies to interact with their customers through interactive mechanisms. Examples listed on the site Google Includes sending customers QR-coded tickets or allowing them to order online. On the contrary, some accounts Google Identifies as “Verified Business” India A volley of ads.

Thus, Google This tool is suspended.

“We are aware that some companies misuse our anti-spam policies to send promotional messages to users in India,” the company says. “We are disabling this feature India We work with the industry to improve the user experience. ”

What is RCS News?

Google has been in charge of news since June 2019 RCS, A form of communication that does not include applications and is operated by telephone operators. And it can run on almost all Android devices.

This standard Called the Rich Communication Service It is the successor to SMS, which stopped using WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger service domain. The idea is that you can instantly send messages, such as photos, videos, or voice notes, in addition to apps, and see the status of the other person you are talking to.

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