March 22, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Global warning of India’s situation: “It looks like a new epidemic”

India is One of the countries where the epidemic is not under control Despite the fact that the vaccination campaign continues to advance in its territory. But the current situation Threatens other parts of the world, Due to the lack of adequate hospital beds in the country, access to medicines is severely restricted and Infections are increasing significantly every day.

In the last 24 hours, India has reported the first decline in the number of infections, with 323,144 infections in the last two weeks. In addition, 2,771 people died from the disease during the same period. So, since the onset of the epidemic There were 17.6 million infections and 197,894 deaths due to COVID-19, According to data from the Ministry of Health.

219,272 people were discharged yesterday, however 2,813,658 patients are still seriously affected by the disease. On the other hand, 41,911,223 citizens received some doses of the corona virus vaccine, only 3% of the population.

The situation is very worrying and the Spaniards living in India describe the catastrophic situation they are experiencing. Amaya Foss, 51, a family physician, explains in El Paso Enters in another dimension: “It’s like a new epidemic. Now young people are dying by the age of thirty, no beds, no oxygen, and no PCR tests. If there is a positive case in a house, most of them are going to suffer and they all live together in the same building.

This vaccine is a great hope especially for India and the world in general. To prevent inequality in vaccination of remedies, The World Health Organization (WHO) founded the COVAX initiative, Based on sharing vaccines and distributing them to countries with poor access. Key Recipients African countries, but the dose has now been diverted to meet the needs of IndiaIt is trying to get the object To produce vaccines for the United States.

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Controlling uncontrolled spread

Faced with this awful epidemic evolution, The center of India is one of the centers of the most concerned planet. Experts have reiterated Many times the pathogen must be prevented from circulating uncontrollably, If the opposite happens they can New strains are emerging that will prolong the health crisis.

Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of India urged the citizens to be responsible and get vaccinated at the appropriate time. The leader described the number of infections registered in the country as “storms”, Which causes images of people dying in their cars while waiting for health care or hospital beds located on the streets.

Help from other countries

One of the reasons for the high incidence of infection Weakness of the country’s health system. In addition, preventive measures or monitoring system is very weak, which increases the chances The effects have spread locally and globally.

Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine maker, Only 1.2 million doses were sent overseas compared to the 64 million sent in the previous three months.. China has reported that it is ready to provide the necessary support and assistance to the region to fill this gap The United Kingdom will send 495 oxygen concentrators, 120 non-aggressive ventilators and 20 manual ventilators.

Although what India really needs Materials for its vaccine factories are currently on hold By U.S. export restrictions. More are needed Tools for gene sequencing, to identify and control existing variants And growing.

Shipping to USA

To try to stop this situation, the North American country has insisted on it Conversations take place at the highest level To provide additional assistance to Indian paramedics.

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Anthony Fossie, A leading epidemiologist in the United States, said a number of measures were being considered Export of oxygen products, tests, drug treatments, and personal protective equipment“In short, this is a terrible situation It is happening in India and other middle income countries and there is a lot we can do.