June 7, 2023

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Gestamp, local group Aditya | Joins companies in the automobile industry in India

Gestamp, through its German subsidiary Edscha, has partnered with the local Aditya Group to strengthen the automotive industry in India. Both partners will carry out joint production of various components such as hinges, door controls, latches and parking brakes. The agreement is formalized with the constitution of a 50% joint venture called Ezza Aditya Automotive Systems.

Led by Francisco Riberas, the company has been based in India for many years, where Etsha now has facilities in Sakan, 60 km southeast of Mumbai and 20 km from Pune, two of the industrial hubs of the Asian country. Its strategy is to become a direct supplier to car manufacturers. Aditya is well established in the passenger and commercial vehicle segments.

India is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. Last year it assembled more than 4.1 million units (including passenger and commercial vehicles). With 1,390 million citizens, it is the second most populous country in the world and has the potential for huge growth for the four-wheeler industry due to low levels of motorization. Currently, there are only 30 passenger cars per 1,000 people (world average 155).

Etshah and Aditya have already received the first customer orders. Since 2010, Gestamp has three factories in Asia, one in China, one in Thailand and one in Korea. For its part, the multinational company owned by the Riparas family settled in India 14 years ago. Its current network in the country has two plants in Pune and one in Chennai. In addition, there is a technology center in Pune. There are 1,700 workers in this market.

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Aditya is a family business with ten factories. Headquartered in Bangalore, two out of every three vehicles running in the country cover some of its components. 52 million invoice per year. The agreement with Gestamp was signed by Francisco Riparas and C. Jayaraman.