January 30, 2023

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Genoa, from India, is developing a specific vaccine against Omigran

Krishna n. By Das

New Delhi, Jan 17 (Reuters) – Indian company Genoa Biopharmaceuticals on Monday told Reuters that it was working on a specific Covit-19 MRNA vaccine program for the Omigron variant, and that someone who knew the matter directly might have been prepared for it. In a month or two.

“The Omigron-specific variant of the vaccine is under development and will be ready for human clinical trials subject to regulatory approvals,” a company spokesman said in a text message. “We will update you”.

The source, who did not want to be identified due to personal information, said a small test in India may be required before the product can be delivered.

Pfizer Inc said last week that the redesigned COVID-19 vaccine, targeting the Omigron variant, would be ready for export in March.

Genoa said it submitted the data of the Phase 2 test of its original MRNA vaccine candidate to the Drug Controller of India on Friday. The government last year told participants in the initial study that the product was “safe, tolerable and immune.”

If approved for emergency use, it will be the country’s first mRNA Covid-19 vaccine, a technology used by doses of Pfizer and Moderna. (Reporting by Krishna N. Das. Edited in Spanish by Javier Lopez de Lerida)

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