June 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Gangster shot dead in court in India | Jitendra Koki | New Delhi | | The world

Two of the accused lawyers entered the courtroom And they shot an acquaintance . Like it was an action movie, the men entered the court located in Delhi and fired a dozen guns. The event took place on Friday.

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Jitendra KokiPolice told AFP that a mob arrested in March last year suddenly opened fire on two people while they were standing in front of a judge in court.

Witnesses told the media: About a dozen shootings took place inside the courthouse.

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Koki had many successes before fake lawyers were shot down by special security agents.

The media quoted police as saying the attackers belonged to a rival gang.

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Video footage of the shooting at Delhi’s Rohini District Court showed lawyers and attorneys running for security in the hallway outside the courtroom.

Koki, in his 30s, has been involved in horrific gang fights, murders, robberies and extortion in Delhi and North Indian states. He was first arrested in 2016, but escaped from police custody and avoided arrest until last year.

Koki’s violent reputation made him a target for the police and his rivals. According to local newspapers, several groups were outraged by the infiltration into their respective areas.

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After his arrest last year, Delhi police said Koki was engaged in a particularly fierce battle with the leader of a gang called Dhillu to control certain parts of northern India.

The media quoted police as saying that the two men who attacked the court this Friday were members of the gang.

The security of Indian courts is something that is questioned from time to time.

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