June 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Gandhi’s legacy – Quo vadis, India? | Highlights | T.W.

What remains of their ideals?

To what extent has India moved away from the ideals of equality and non-violence of Mahatma Gandhi and other founders? What is the current state of democracy, human rights and social justice and where is India heading?

These questions are the starting point of a story that focuses on people who are committed to Gandhian ideals today, because the reality is often the opposite of these ideals. Their stories combine to form a mosaic that brings us closer to India in all its aspects.

A country between poverty and riches: On the one hand Hindu nationalism is rocked by violence against women and minorities and enormous environmental problems. On the other hand, India has huge global political ambitions and is in the middle of the space race.
The caste system, which is banned by the constitution, is a country that continues to create quotas. A country where children working in brick factories cannot go to school. A country where tribal people are driven off their lands by the greed of confederations.

But at the same time, India is a land of spirituality, a rich cultural heritage that, above all else, produces innovative, critical and creative minds and ideas. This two-part documentary explores these two worlds through personal stories.

The story of India today goes back to the country’s history, to the foundation of the world’s largest democracy today. A specialist and great scholar of Indian history in particular knows how to connect the past with the present: Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, who was assassinated in 1948, tells the personal and narrative story of his grandfather, who lived with him for many years as a child. Arun Gandhi is familiar with his grandfather’s views and in his acclaimed book (“The Gift of Anger. Other Lessons from My Grandfather Mahatma Gandhi”) he draws parallels with the country’s recent history and current events. Is India seeing the long awaited development of their country?

Indian scientist and critic of globalization completes Arun Gandhi Vandana Shiva Fingers crossed: Sometimes there is a deep chasm between Gandhi’s ideals and today’s reality. His position is clear: disobedience is still necessary today.

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