March 21, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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G-20 ministers meet in India amid threat of rift over Ukraine war

US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, He will arrive in New Delhi on Wednesday for the G-20 summit, which will also be attended by his Russian counterpart. Sergey Lavrov, with whom Not planning to meet Even if he is already in the country. A meeting of ministers External relations Often referred to among the world’s 20 largest economies Divisions over the conflict in Ukraine and tensions with China.

The two-day meeting follows the failure to agree on the finance ministers’ final report. Differences around Ukraine. This meeting in India, in a country Not condemning the warPerhaps this is where Lavrov has chosen to criticize the West again.

According to Moscow, the West wants “take revenge “The means of domination have inevitably disappeared from their hands,” the Russian ministry said in a statement. “The situation in the poorest countries,” he added.

“Neocolonial” practices

The Russian Foreign Minister said at the opening ceremony of the Leo Tolstoy-Mahatma Gandhi exhibition in the Indian capital. Russia and India do not accept “neocolonial” practices as Unilateral sanctions, threats and threats against sovereign nations.

“Moscow and New Delhi continue to oppose neo-colonial practices such as illegal unilateral sanctions, threats, threats and other forms of pressure on sovereign states,” it said. The Russian diplomatic chief insisted that Moscow was supportive Commitment of Indian friends to strengthen true diversity. We are united by a firm commitment to building a more just, democratic and multilateral world order”.

“We continue to defend honor Cultural diversity and civilizations of the modern world, for the inalienable right of people to independently determine their own development paths,” he added.

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Food safety

On the other hand, the host country wants to encourage discussion of the issues Energy and Food Security, Created by Global crisis, and the challenges of countering terrorism. Promotion of these issues is given special attention IndiaThis year he headed the Group of Twenty, determined to become the “voice of the Global South” and prioritized the problems of emerging economies.

“The Foreign Ministers’ agenda lies in most of the priorities of the G20 Indian Presidency, which, in the view of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Focusing on issues of food and energy security,” the foreign secretary told a press conference. Vinay Quadra.

He explained that three main issues will be on the table, “the first is related to diversity, the second is very important for developing countries, the issues related to food and energy security, and the third, the broader issue of cooperation in the development of economic models.”


The secretary also stressed the priority of addressing the issues of the war on terror, an issue India has tried to promote in international forums, focusing mainly on it. Funding of armed forces.

Battling various insurgent and separatist outfits within its borders, particularly in the Kashmir region, India has in recent months emphasized the importance of cutting off the sources that keep insurgent groups active, including funding from other governments.

With a common vision of the most powerful emerging economies and the ability to gather a chorus of voices from developing countries, New Delhi is also trying to encourage challenges. Climate change, health care and use of renewable energy. “It clearly captures most of the concerns, issues and priorities of the global South,” the foreign secretary said today.

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