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Fred Savage accused of misconduct in reboot The Wonder Years

Fred Savage accused of misconduct in reboot The Wonder Years

Fred Savage
Photo: Astrid Stewars/Getty Images

Fred Savage The Executing Producer and Manager marvel years The reboot who played the lead role in the original 1988 movie, Launched from reboot in May Following allegations of misconduct on the show’s set, the 20th TV representative confirmed at the time. Savage has previously been accused of misconduct On the set of the original marvel years In 1993 and Fox Millwhich ran from 2015 to 2018. On August 9, new details emerged about allegations of misconduct, with several crew members telling The Hollywood Reporter Savage’s alleged “irregular” behavior and proximity to a young woman on filming prompted six women on the crew to report Savage to HR, which led to a swift investigation. To my credit, I was called within hours, said one woman. THR. “The investigation was started immediately and he was prevented from appearing.”

Far from Savage’s alleged multiple personalities (all the senior officials “see his absolute perfect and best face”, while the “powerless staff” see something different), several crew members say interactions with the young crew member made them uncomfortable. Sources claim that Savage was “very in control of her day-to-day behaviors” and “manipulative and erratic” towards women. After a crew member tried to intervene, she said Savage “proceeded to verbally harass and belittle me.” The post says She finds Savage “scary” and that “his eyes are going to die” during the alleged verbal harassment, but then “flips the switch and he’s Fred Savage”. Crew members claim that the young woman’s personality changed after she got close to Savage. Other sources claim that she moved into his house in Cabbagetown, Atlanta, during filming. The young woman refused to talk to THR.

Another woman working on the reboot has filed a separate accusation against the ousted director and producer. She says she made friends with Savage during her time at work years of wonder Sometimes he would go to dinner with him. Despite her refusal of expensive gifts, the two remained “platonic” friends. During a group dinner in December 2021 in Astoria, near Savage’s house, at a bar frequented by the crew, I went to the bathroom. Savage allegedly entered the bathroom after exiting the booth. “I started laughing, like, ‘What are you doing?’ This is a women’s bathroom. The source said Savage approached her. I said, ‘Please, don’t do this. “I meant to destroy the friendship,” she told the magazine. “I was begging, not so frightened, but that wasn’t to come back.” Savage allegedly “put his mouth to my mouth very hard. He went up my pants. I got rid of him. Then he put his mouth on my mouth again, grabbed my hand and tightened it in the groin area. I was holding back. He stopped angrily. I checked him over my shoulder so I could get out.” After the alleged incident, the woman said she was “afraid of him for the first time.”

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Savage attempted to contact her after the alleged events at the Astoria Tavern. In a shared voicemail with THRApologize to the woman. “It’s your old friend Fred,” he said. “We worked together for a while and then we weren’t and then I became a huge idiot. Huge idiot. And I’m really sorry. And I owed you an apology for a minute here and so, uh, the truth is I really like you and I really want to be friends and I’m so sorry I screwed up with this matter.”

Savage responded to the allegations of misconduct in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. β€œIt is devastating to learn that there are co-workers who feel that I have failed to achieve these goals. While there are some reported incidents that did not and could not happen at all, anyone who feels hurt or humiliated by my actions is one person Too much,” he told the publication. Vulture has reached out to Savage representatives for comment.