June 5, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Franklin Menezes: “Second wave of corona virus in India has caused alarm: increase in child abuse and trafficking” | What moves … | Future planet

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In early May, the emergence of information about the spread of Govt-19 focused on India. The Asian nation experienced a more deadly second wave than its first, overflowing hospitals, Lack of oxygen And With fuel that cannot be supplied To burn the bodies of those killed by the epidemic. The region has reached its highest peak so far: More than 20 million infections400,000 positive and 4,000 deaths daily. Now the eyes of the world have ceased to see there, and the curve has dropped to 43,000 cases and 2,000 deaths, the social and economic consequences of which, in addition to the dramatic situation in childhood, are of concern to many in the subcontinent.

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“The second wave has led to another frightening experience for children, especially in this part of eastern India. The epidemic has put them at risk, with some being forced into transactional sex, meaning they are being used as barter for food and other basic products … child abuse and trafficking are on the rise,” a video from Calcutta condemned. Call Franklin Menes (Mangalore, 1951). The Catholic priest was director for nine years Seva Kendra CalcuttaCenter for Social Services of the Archbishop of Calcutta. From this organization which employs more than 200 people, religion considers the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable people and leads a project together United hands To prevent human trafficking in border areas.

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But the warning to start with Menezes is not new. Since last May, UNICEF has been warning many children and adolescents Lose parents due to Govt-19 disease, Leaving them in a completely helpless state. Demands for illegal adoption often appear on social networks after the increase in orphans in the country, making this situation the most vulnerable to child abduction and abuse.

Franklin Menezes on the left of the picture visits a ‘slum’ in Calcutta.United hands

They give poor parents nothing but money as a very attractive sum. They promise to take them to Delhi or Bombay and give them a good job. These mafias make them believe they are their savior, but what they are doing is destroying their families and taking their children. ” Couldn’t bear to see The plight of immigrants who have walked thousands of kilometers, Carrying their children on their shoulders, carrying some of their belongings on their backs, bearing the heat and hunger. Many died along the way. These films will touch us for many years to come, ”he complains.

These mafias make them believe they are their savior, but all they do is destroy their family and take their children.

Another factor that worries the Catholic priest who is the secretary of the Society for Education and Development in Calcutta is the mental health of the inmates. “Because they are confined to small houses without going to school, they experience social isolation, they have no practices, they can not play. All of this has deeply affected his psychological well-being,” Menez explains. Through WhatsApp, they send them advice and techniques with their children’s brackets.

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Information and awareness, key factors

Franklin Menezes, Seva Kendra knows that her mission from Calcutta is to drop a drop of water into the sea so that she can prevent the smuggling networks and child abuse that she encounters daily in Calcutta and India. However, he sees the work of raising awareness carried out by his company as “important” so that all the most vulnerable people, especially children, who live at risk of being victimized by these mafias. They themselves can see the difference between the good and the bad and if they are participating in something illegal. We recently learned of the case of a woman from the cottage area who called the Children’s Helpline and Children’s Helpline – Childline because some kidnappers took her sister and wanted to report it. The agents on the phone reported all the information to the police, who were able to bring her back, ”the priest explains happily.

But despite the enormous implication that emerges when speaking, Menezes, who was ordained in 1977 and defines himself as “more Catholic than the Pope”, did not even imagine that he would work after six years as a professor at the University of Theology. Department of Cooperation and Development. “We make one thing clear to the people: we work for social justice, we are not involved in politics or religious conversion,” he says.

The Menesus-led organization offers courses in renewable energy for women, most of whom are illiterate, so they can get an alternative lifestyle by building solar lights. They already have 440 trainees

Admitting his passion for environmental sustainability, the cleric has been involved in promoting renewable energy, organic farming and water conservation programs for 20 years. More recently, since Seva Kendra took the lead, similar strategies have been in place in many projects. She is very proud to train women to be technicians in renewable energy. With this knowledge, women can earn a living and learn to create useful items for their daily lives like sunlight. Many of them are illiterate and have found an alternative way of life. That is why it has become the primary project of our organization. Through it we have trained 440 women. Our confidence is in them, ”Menes explains.

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