June 3, 2023

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Frank Ocean’s Coachella performance has dropped from the YouTube livestream amid intense fan speculation

Frank Ocean’s headline collection will not be broadcast live on YouTube.

The set, which is still scheduled to take place at 10.05pm PT, has been pulled from Coachella’s YouTube broadcast schedule.

The video-sharing platform also confirmed the news on Twitter, writing: “Frank Ocean is not scheduled to appear on the Coachella livestream.”

This headlining set will be Frank Ocean’s first performance in six years. His last show was at the Flow Festival in 2017 in Finland.

Many fans who have been watching the festival from home are upset by the news.

“are you kidding me?” one fan wrote. “I’ve been waiting to watch this livestream ever since Frank Ocean was announced as the main character.”

Another person added: “Wow YouTube, you won’t be live-streaming the most anticipated artist of the weekend-extending music festival…”

“I’ve actually been doing my job since 7 am to give you time, Frank Ocean,” one person wrote.

Many fans are also speculating that the livestream will be canceled because Ocean “may drop a new album on stage.”

“What if Frank Ocean made a brand new album that came out tonight and our lives improved dramatically and the world healed,” one fan wrote.

Another person added, “I hope the only reason #FrankOcean isn’t airing is because he’s having a listening party for a new album just for the #Coachella fans.”

One person wrote, “You owe us a new album after Frank Ocean canceled that live.”

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Ocean was originally scheduled to perform at Coachella in 2020, before the festival was canceled due to the pandemic.

Aside from Ocean, Bj√∂rk’s live broadcast from Coachella has also been pulled from the YouTube broadcast schedule. Kali Uchis was the last performer on the main stage at Coachella to receive a live stream.