March 21, 2023

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Foxconn says no “final” deal for new iPhone plant in India | Technology

The Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn Its president confirmed a visit to India on Saturday, but denied reaching anything.Final Agreement” Local authorities have promised to invest in new Apple iPhones phone factories in the country.

Foxconn It is the world’s largest electronics maker and the main producer of the California brand’s phones, which, like the Taiwanese company, is trying to diversify its production beyond China.

The Taiwanese group said in a statement on Saturday that its chairman Young Liu He had visited India between February 27 and March 4, but the company “did not conclude any binding and definitive agreement for new investments.”

Negotiations and internal investigations are ongoing. Investment amounts discussed in the media are not published information Foxconn“, he added.

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Earlier in the day, Basavaraj S., President of the Indian state of Karnataka. Toy,” he tweeted.The phones will be manufactured soon Manjana“In a new plant in your state, it will be built”About 100,000 jobs”.

The office of the Chief Minister of neighboring Telangana Chandrasekhar Rao also tweeted that Liu had signed an agreement on Thursday “Electronics manufacturing facilities should be started”.

FoxconnThe world’s largest manufacturer of iPhones has been working for Apple in India since 2019 at its plant located in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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Wistron and Pegatron are two Taiwanese companies that manufacture and assemble Apple devices in India.

Manjana Last September, it announced that it would manufacture its new iPhone 14 in India.

Despite all this, India currently accounts for less than 5% of Apple’s production chain, behind the US, China, Japan and five other countries, according to Bloomberg.

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