June 5, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Former Indian parliamentarian assassinated on live TV

India was paralyzed when he appeared on live television, witnessing the murder of a lawmaker. The lawmaker died after being shot multiple times, in addition, his brother was also hit by bullets and died.

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After the fact, which sparked panic in the country, the Indian government’s opposition pointed out that the killing was proof of the scant security the country had. In turn, it has been mentioned that there is no guarantee of human rights in the area.

According to reports by international media, the slain legislator died while being taken away by the authorities. The events in the north of the country and the pictures that appeared on the small screen when the politician was assassinated along with his brother were shockingly classified. In turn, clips and photos are going viral on social media as the public shows interest in knowing about the case.

The Indian politician was facing kidnapping charges when he was on his way to a medical center in the state of Uttar Pradesh when he was hit by bullets fired from a car by officers. Besides, the then former legislator was handcuffed. Seconds after he got out of the car, journalists approached the politician to ask questions, and that’s when several shots rang out, killing Ahmed. The situation of the wives and being surrounded by people hinders the means of self-preservation.

Faced with this situation, people who were in or near the hospital panicked as to what had happened. At that time the politician was going to the hospital for a medical check-up.

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Indian authorities have arrested three people so far. Likewise, the police assured that the first analysis of the facts confirmed that the killers had disguised themselves as journalists to avoid being noticed. The government, which came to know about the murder, launched an investigation and announced that steps would be taken to find the culprits.