June 7, 2023

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Ford closes factories in India and closes Figo and EcoSport in Mexico

In search of profit, Ford It has been going through an important restoration process for a few months. He announced earlier this year Three factories in Brazil were closed Now the decision reflects its convenience India. The Chennai factory will close in mid-2022 and the Sanand factory will stop vehicle production and focus only on engine production.

According to Ford Chairman and CEO Jim Barley, the brand has added more than $ 2 billion in losses over the past 10 years, despite making significant investments in its operations in India. In addition, demand for new cars is much lower than forecast.

Ford’s restructuring in India cuts 4,000 local jobs The brand does not stop operating in the country; It will continue to import Mustangs and then introduce hybrid and electric models. Ford insists on providing parts, service and warranty for cars manufactured in enclosed facilities, and maintains the work of more than 11,000 people in its Ford Business Solution. It seeks to increase opportunities for software development, research and development engineers, finance and accounting.

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What will happen to the Ford Figo and EcoSport?

In total, five Ford models were made in India: Figo, Aspire, Freestyle, EcoSport and Endeavor. Globally everything will be phased out and for the most part there is unlikely to be a direct replacement. Some models were also made at Ford’s closed facility in Brazil earlier this year.

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Since the closure of the factories was not immediate, we asked Ford what would happen to the two models that were being imported from India to Mexico. Figo, Its most accessible sedan, will continue to be available for the remainder of 2021; Ecosport It will continue to sell until 2022.

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Without the Figo or EcoSport in the portfolio, there would be Ford’s most accessible passenger model in Mexico Bronco Sport, Starting from 618,800 pesos, which clarifies the brand’s strategy: Focus on the SUV segment and bet on electrification in all areas.