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Force Gurkha, India’s basic but talented all-rounder

Author: Victor Alles Use @sepelaci 19 September 2021 2 minutes

In countries where functionality is important, not equipment, we find the most basic vehicles, but they perform their main function.

As we speak Off-road carsWe know that in many cases operating in this type of vehicle is functional. An SUV designed to give the city an attractive image is not like an off-road vehicle, It focuses on allowing movement on very rough terrain. For this reason, more comfort and luxury results are offered. And if that SUV was made in India, that difference would still be visible.

The Force Gurgaon He started his career in 2008 and has already presented himself with an amazing image. In fact, it can be a reminder Mercedes G-Class, But in small quantities. Not only that It is made with very simple technology and designed to be practical. And affordable, because like many vehicles made in this Asian country, it is preferred to be the vehicle of people without many resources.

These are all translated into very practical devices, but there is no glitch. It sits on a measurable platform Able to go through very rough terrain And presents many difficulties. The new generation Upgrading the facility and equipment of the previous version, But it is still a very basic vehicle.

Everything is mechanical and the controls seem to have been taken from a vehicle from the 70s. Of course, it is a Snorkel It allows him Waves up to 700 mm And its all-wheel drive allows you to ride where other SUVs think to step. Wide rear window and very attractive interior design fitted to the new Force Gurgaon.

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Force Gorkha 15 Int

Of course, the most used material Glossy black plasticTherefore, it does not provide a very current image. It is fitted 2.6 liter engine that delivers 91 hp of power. It is associated with a five-speed gearbox, which effectively manages engine torque. Look no further for this off-road vehicle priced at the equivalent of ,500 15,500 in India, which dissolves all the negatives.

If that is true Force Gurkha is not the car you want to drive around the city, Maybe Going around the field and doing farm work would be a good choice. The functionality and low price of a car do not stand alone for its image, but it is very successful in its native countryside. A good way to deliver what is reasonable and necessary without losing details.

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