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Following Vince Gilligan's Better Call Saul It's all good, man

Following Vince Gilligan’s Better Call Saul It’s all good, man

Vince Gilligan, presumably the moment he decided to stop doing Breaking Bad

Vince Gilliganpresumably the moment he decided to stop doing Breaking Bad
picture: Sam Wasson (Getty Images)

Likes Too badAnd the mash*, And the Aftermash Kiss , The best of Saul on demand finish. Little Too bad A spin-off that could have a healthy seven years, it came out of 2010 as one of the best performances of the century. But what about Vince Gilligan, creator of the show and one of the TV shows Most Popular and Respected Contestants?

for every LimitGilligan is about to start shopping for his new Hollywood series. He’s playing this game near the jacketNot revealing many details about his upcoming project before he can The playing field has seven or eight nets and platforms Lick their lips waiting for more Gilligan. Limit It also indicates that the show will bring us back to him Gilligan unknown files the roots. The writer and director got his start in the beloved procedural science fiction story of the 1990s. However, this is closer in tone Twilight ZoneAnd the It has been described as “a mixed and ground-level drama.”

however, Vince Gilligan is leaving Too bad Behind the universe, giving him a break from the harsh New Mexican sun. Unfortunately, that means we won’t have a season of badger break. Earlier today at TCAAfter 127 hours of watching TV, Gilligan said, he can’t keep putting all his “money on the red number 21″. Simply put, he doesn’t want to be the last person at the party to wear a lampshade [his] head.”

“I have no plans now to do anything else in this universe. I know I might have given the same answer at the end Too bad. I have to prove to myself that I’ve got something else inside of me. I’m not a single pony, that’s what I hope for.”

He also said he “can’t wait” for people to see Saul Conclusion, and by people, is mean to us Because we can’t wait either. series finale The best of Saul on demand Broadcasting on AMC next Monday.

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