June 2, 2023

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Firefly Edition of The Last of Us PS5 shipped in horrible condition

Firefly Edition of The Last of Us PS5 shipped in horrible condition

picture: Burshapur

Sony has made a big mistake Playstation Direct exclusive Our Last: Part One Firefly Edition – Not invested in good enough packaging. Anyone who buys the $100 Limited Edition does so for collecting purposes – some pre-orders were even in progress Flagged for up to $450 on auction sites When the package sold out earlier in the year – so it only makes sense that fans can expect the case to be original upon arrival.

Unfortunately, there are widespread examples of these items appearing in dire straits. If it was only one, we would put it in misfortune, but there are dozens and dozens of examples of damage Twitter. In some cases, the thin envelope of paper was torn open – in others, the glue that sealed the envelope was stuck to the cardboard envelope, creating a mess.

To make matters worse, because this is a completely sold out collector’s edition, Sony does not offer alternatives – Only refunds. While it’s nice (albeit expected) that consumers can still get a refund for a damaged product, those who bought this version will do so because they are fans and really wanted to add the Firefly version to their collection.

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Did you order one of the collector’s editions? And what kind of condition have you reached? Let us know in the comments section below.