June 2, 2023

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FIFA suspends Indian federation for ‘serious breach’

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‘Business’ of FIFA Council Suspended this Monday Football Federation of India (AIFF) because “A serious crime“, which questions the structure of the system the world Women’s U-17s are expected in India in the fall.

“The FIFA Council Bureau Unanimously decided termination of employment to do Football Federation of India (AIFF) with immediate effect due to improper interference by a third party, which is a grave violation FIFA Laws“, the body said in the statement.

The AIFF I had to hire someone The new president in December 2020, but complications over constitutional amendments delayed the nomination process FIFA Indian company should be allowed.

In May, max Court of India decided to dissolve the AIFF and Appoint an arbitrator Three people in charge of organizing elections by September 15.

The U-17 Women’s World CupInitially scheduled for November 2020, postponed several times due to Covid-19, it is set to take place India From October 11 to 30.

The Mexican team said World CupCoordinating with representatives of Group C China, Spain Y Colombia.

According to reports, the work is currently underway Find a new headquarters Two months left.

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