April 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Fierce fighting in India’s only newspaper written by women

If no one comes to India or is unfamiliar with its culture, they do not know who the Dalits are. 1,500 BC You seem to know for sure that the social hierarchy established in, is based on four castes: priests, warriors, merchants and workers. Dalits are considered unclean to the extent that they are considered untouchable and excluded from the system. Things get worse if you are a woman. For this reason, the fact that many of them came together in 2002 to open a newspaper was a complete revolution. His story is collected in the documentary Writing with fire, Which airs first this Tuesday on Filmine.

The film, which has garnered more than 23 awards and 15 nominations at various international festivals, including Sundance, tells the daily life of journalists. Kabar Laharia (In Castilian Ola de noticias), which proposes to break traditions and redefine the true concept of power by 2021 by creating the first and only communication medium created entirely by women in India. To get to know them better, filmmakers Rindu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh want to go to the heart of Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in the country, and spend five years with journalist Meera and his team. From paper to digital to reach more people.

“We are witnessing a group of rural women using technology to expand their voice and gain a foothold in the world of communication, and until now – exclusively upper caste men. We continue her struggle for justice and her achievements,” the directors explain.

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Mirem la Reporterra Jeffa del Periodico ‘Grave Laharia’

Of the film

We see rural women using technology to expand their voice

By Thomas y Sushmit GhoshDirectors of the documentary

Many of them do not know the profession. The use of mobile phone and its applications is very low when reporting. In fact, some people see something for the first time. But that’s not a problem. Criticism and what they will say aside, they are willing to learn. Moreover, that is the lowest of his setbacks. His work is very uncomfortable. His videos on corruption, violence against women and poor public health have begun to generate controversy and results. Considering their journalistic austerity and their dedicated work, some citizens dare to tell them about their problems. And this is the hardest thing to accept in the biggest male-led news organizations. His posts on his YouTube channel have amassed more than half a million followers, and the number is growing.

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A reporter for the Indian newspaper ‘Kabar Lahariya’ prepares a report

Of the film

All of this leads to violent situations because there are no reporters who do not face intimidation, insults, accusations and various sacrifices. Some, even their own relatives, because not everyone knows or wants to understand their business. “My husband would tease me. ‘What work does a woman have to do to be outside at night? Who knows what you’re doing, ‘he would tell me. He insulted me a lot, but I did not want to leave him. I told him I would leave but would not quit my job. Then he started stealing my salary, abusing me, beating me, so I complained of domestic violence against him, ”Shyamkali admitted.

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The turbulent political environment in which the country’s democracy is moving towards right-wing nationalism is not conducive to it. While this does not deter them, it encourages them to continue to work to show that a pencil – in this case, a mobile – is more powerful than any sword.

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Reporters from the Indian daily ‘Kabar Lahariya’ had to learn the function of the telephone to advance digitally.

Of the film

Reporters from the Indian daily ‘Kabar Lahariya’ had to learn the function of the telephone to advance digitally.