March 21, 2023

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Fidel Castro’s legacy stands out in India

During the conference at Harkishan Theatre, he highlighted the traditional solidarity and friendship between the people of India and Cuba and expressed Cubans’ immense gratitude for India’s support to the global demand for an end to the genocidal US blockade. Singh Surjit Bhavan Institute. , of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Gout points out that the dialogue between Indians and Cubans was fluid and natural, like the 1960 meeting between Fidel Castro and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru at the Teresa Hotel in Harlem, New York, or the reception of the legendary guerrilla commander Ernesto. S. Guevara, in 1959.

He also reminded the participants of the famous meetings between Fidel Castro and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, the last of which was during the VII Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in New Delhi in 1983.

The vice president of ICAP demonstrated the firm will and determination of the Cuban people to maintain the achievements of the revolution and to continue resisting the criminal blockade of the United States, which is causing great damage to the Cuban family.

Nevertheless, Cuba will continue to share everything it has with other peoples in solidarity, Gaut emphasized.

Commenting on events in the Caribbean country, the Observer noted that Cuba’s new National Assembly of People’s Power will be 62 percent renewed and that it will have more than 50 percent women in terms of gender.

Also, the number of young people under the age of 35 in the parliament will be higher than in the previous legislature, and in turn, most of the representatives will come directly from the neighborhoods and communities.

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Amidst the most adverse conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Gout recalled, Cuba sent brigades of doctors to various countries of the world, including Europe, to treat the people most in need.

In a feat derived from Fidel Castro’s vision to develop the biotechnology sector on the island, the Caribbean nation was able to vaccinate its entire population from the age of two against the disease with its own vaccines.

Cuba had to face the difficulties of the international economic crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic and the long blockade of the United States, which was intensified by the administration of Donald Trump with 243 more economic sanctions, which was then maintained by Joe Biden.

To overcome all these challenges, the Cuban people feel that they are with the Indian people who have been united on the issue of the island for more than 60 years, the Cuban president emphasized before plenary.