March 24, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Festivals in Bangladesh and India!

It is impossible to calculate what it creates Messi In the population. Dedication Choice Argentina is completely immersed in the people, Copied Obelisk to unite in the same cry of ‘champion’ For once and for all, it must melt again in the sense of joy thus denied. Anyway, it is obvious to say that they are happy in Argentina, but watching the festivals in Bangladesh and India! This is a crazy thing.

Calculate what was triggered by Leo. AFP

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There, in Asia, they were able to sleep. But they woke up with better news. As Leo knelt in Maracana at 9 a.m. in India, his eyes began to fill with tears, and little by little his comrades began to throw themselves, bathed in emotion and bathed in glory. Bangladesh and Indians took to the streets and celebrated with slogans and honors.

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Videos of Bangladesh and India

With 10 some Argentine jackets, many children in Bangladesh ran frantically through the streets of their city, shouting and cheering, cheering for the national team. And Flea, of course. Everything in India is highly motorized: the caravan of motorcycles, horns, flags and albichelles shirts filled the states of Calcutta and Kerala.

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In Siliguri they had a candle.  AFP

In Siliguri they had a candle. AFP

Sanctify the inside Brazil, Before the host, not everyone. But it happened. Leo’s pure joy, the joy of a child, the joy of all. Here, there, in the United States, in Asia. All over the world. Argentina, Bangladesh and India, and in every corner of the planet, celebrate champions for them USA Cup.

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