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Sorokin, aka Anna Delphi, (pictured in court in 2019) announced Thursday the launch of her new Delvey & Daughters law firm, PLLC

Fake heiress Anna Delphi announces she has created her own LAW FIRM company that pays through Dogecoin

Fake German heiress Anna Delvey claims to have established her own law firm, from her prison cell.

Although she has no legal training, and is still being held in a correctional facility, Delvey announced her new Delvey & Daughters law firm – ‘Double D’ – for short – in a public statement Thursday.

The company is payable through Dogecoin and can be reached at 1-800-BETTER-CALL-ANNA, a play from the Breaking Bad spinoff series that chronicles a devious lawyer.

While the ad by Delvey Law Firm is clearly fake as its German heiress claims, it does appear to dig into its legal representation.

In her statement, she admitted that “imprisonment is not a great look for my attorney but…it just means that I have more time to focus on solving my clients’ problems rather than waiting for pointless dinner time and short talks.”

In fact, her current attorney, Manny Arora, seemed dumbfounded and a bit disappointed at the revelation when reached out to him.

She told us that she had not been informed of Delphi’s apparent new career ambitions and that it was “impossible” for her to start a law firm.

Sorokin, aka Anna Delphi, (pictured in court in 2019) announced Thursday the launch of her new Delvey & Daughters law firm, PLLC

Today I am very excited to launch my own legal practice: Delvey & Daughters, PLLC, or Short "double d" Warning: High degree of opponent

“Today I am very excited to launch my own legal practice: Delvey & Daughters, PLLC, or ‘Double D’ short notice: Highly Litigated,” she said in a statement.

Delphi, currently in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody pending deportation to Germany at the Orange County Detention Center in Gochin, upstate New York, released the statement to Business Insider reporter Jacob Shamsian, who covered her criminal trial in 2019.

“Today I am very excited to launch my own legal practice: Delvey & Daughters, PLLC, or the short ‘Double D’ warning: Highly Litigated,” she said.

I am now available to litigate any dispute, no matter how big or small, you name it, I got it. Full spectrum legal coverage from someone who’s been there before.

In her statement, Delphi actually cited her criminal history as a selling point for her qualifications as a lawyer.

Some might say being in jail isn’t a great look for my lawyer, but I again expect to prove my critics terribly wrong – it just means that I have more time to focus on solving my clients’ problems than waiting on pointless dinners and short chats The rest of the world is exposed to it on a daily basis.”

Delvey described her free, unlimited access to Lexis Nexis – a database of public and legal records – in “courtesy of New York State” – where she is being held.

She also said that anyone can pay for her services exclusively with Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

Delphi, 31, has been held in an Orange County Correctional Facility since March 2021 for overstaying her visa.

Sorokin grew up in a working-class suburb of Moscow, the daughter of a truck driver whose mother ran a convenience store. The family immigrated to Germany when she was sixteen years old.

She didn’t have a college degree or a great deal of wealth.

But in 2013, Sorokin traveled to New York City for New York Fashion Week, eventually staying put, pretending to be “Anna Delphi” — an heiress who has a $60 million trust in Europe — as she scammed her way into expensive trips and a hotel. Stays, stealing her best friend along the way.

The scam has now been memorialized with the Netflix show “Inventing Anna,” based on a New York magazine story by journalist Jessica Pressler, which highlighted its plot.

She was first arrested in July 2017, A&E reports, after she skipped thousands of dollars in unpaid bills at two New York City hotels — the Beekman and W New York — and had dinner and collapsed after lunch at Le Parker Meridien.

Sorokin was scheduled to appear in court in September of that year, but he never showed up.

A few months later, in October, the Manhattan District Attorney did a sting with the Los Angeles Police Department and arrested her again.

Delvey was convicted of fraud in 2019 over the long-running scheme that has since been filmed in the Netflix series 'Inventing Anna', starring Julia Garner.

Delvey was convicted of fraud in 2019 over the long-running scheme that has since been filmed in the Netflix series ‘Inventing Anna’, starring Julia Garner.

Delphi remains at the Orange County Detention Center in Goshen, New York (pictured March 2022)

Delphi remains at the Orange County Detention Center in Goshen, New York (pictured March 2022)

According to the indictment, the National City Bank allowed Sorokin to withdraw $100,000 on her account.

She managed to keep $55,000 in the account, but she “wasted that money on personal expenses in about one month” with luxury hotel stays, high fashion purchases, and sessions with a personal trainer.

In 2019, she was convicted of second-degree theft, theft of services and attempted robbery in the first degree.

However, Sorokin was acquitted of the most serious charge – attempted grand larceny of the first degree, in connection with a loan of $ 22 million that she tried to obtain from the National City Bank.

She was also acquitted of the theft from her friend, Rachel Delwatch Williams, who worked in the photo department of Vanity Fair and was scammed out of $62,000.

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The two and a group of other friends went on a $7,000-a-night villa trip to Morocco in 2017. Sorokin pledged to pay for the trip, but he never did.

After serving nearly four years of her four- to 12-year sentence, Delphi was released from prison in February 2021, and went on to return to her former luxurious life by renting a luxury apartment in Chelsea.

Weeks later, after bragging in a TV interview that ‘crime somehow pays’, she was arrested by immigration agents for allegedly overstaying her visa, and has been in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement at Orange County Correctional Institution in Gochin, New York ever since.

Delvey tried to apply for asylum in the US – but the German newspaper Spiegel Panorama reported that her application had been rejected.

Timeline of Anna Delphi’s Rise and Fall from High Life in Manhattan to Ice Detention

2011: Anna Sorokin is a registered Fashion Certificate at Central Saint Martin, London

2013Anna graduates from Central Saint Martins and moves to Paris, where she begins internships at Purple magazine.

That’s when I started with the name Anna Delphi

summer 2013: Anna comes to New York for Fashion Week with Purple and decides she’d rather stay in America than go back to Europe. I started working out of the Purple offices in New York City

2013-2017: New York and Europe

Anna immerses herself in New York society, attending fashion parties and mingling with CEOS.

She stopped rehearsing with Purple, and it’s not clear where she lived most of her time in New York and appeared at parties across Europe in Berlin and Paris, wearing designer clothes.

During this time, she is believed to be in a relationship with her future TED-talk boyfriend. By 2016, they separated and she is in New York City alone.

2016-2017: The Offending Years and the Anna Delphi Foundation

Until 2017, Sorokin’s parents still gave her rent money. They did not know where she was living in New York.

Around 2017, when Anna began living in hotels, she first received 11 Howards.

In late 2016 she began soliciting fraudulent bank loans and overdrafts to build the Anna Delphi Foundation, her art club she wanted to build on Park Avenue South.

November 2016 – December 2016: Anna tries to defraud the National City Bank but she refuses.

December 30, 2016 – February 2, 2017Anna is trying to defraud Fortress with a $22 million loan.

January 2017: Anna transmits the National City Bank. They gave her $100,000 in an overdraft that she will use to prove she has the money in her pursuit of a Fortress loan.

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Castle spent $45,000 of the loan. She then asked to return the remaining $55,000, and used that money to pay for some of her lifestyle, without returning the money to City National.

April 2017: Anna defrauds Citibank by depositing and cashing fake checks before they bounce.

April 2017: Marrakech Trip

Anna takes two friends – Rachel de Loch Williams and her fitness trainer to La Mamounia, one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

They also brought in a filmmaker to document them wandering the resort, playing tennis, and visiting the spa.

Williams, a photo editor at Vanity Fair, ended up putting the entire trip into her work on American Express. Its cost is $60,000.

Anna convinced the group that she was only having problems with her European bank – as she had done for years.

July 2017: Anna was arrested for felony theft after skipping bills in Beekman, W, and leaving a $200 lunch bill at Le Parker Meridien.

She was released.

October 2017: Anna has been arrested on two counts of fraud and other grand theft

Transferred to Rikers Island

May 2018: The Cut publishes an in-depth article on Anna’s crimes. It became a sensation on the Internet

March 2019: Anna’s trial begins in New York City. She angers the judge by showing up late and refusing to wear the clothes her lawyer gave her

April 25, 2019: Anna was found guilty on three of the five charges she was brought against.

The jury acquitted her of trying to defraud Fortress and of defrauding her friend, photo editor Vanity Fair.

May 2019: Anna is sentenced to four to 12 years in prison

February 11, 2021: Anna is released for good behavior and returns to New York City, attracting media attention and consulting subscription services for a lucrative deal.

She ended up signing with Netflix to advise on her production of Inventing Anna

The judge allows this as a way to make enough money for her victims

March 2021: Six weeks after her release, Anna was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for overstaying her visa.

She was transferred to a prison in upstate New York

Feb 17 2022: An order has been issued to deport Anna to Germany.

Her attorneys appeal and get a 30-day extension.

March 2022Anna is scheduled to be deported from New York