June 8, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Fagor Automation is expanding its presence in India with a technology center in Bangalore

Fagor Automation Opened a new office and technology center in Bangalore, India The Mondragon Group Although commercial work dates back to the 1990s, it has been in production for 15 years. A company dedicated to producing high-precision parts for sectors such as machine tools illustrates this, and exemplifies this hierarchy within the strategy. Development in an Asian country.

India is a Growing power To play a major role in the global economy in the short term. With nearly 1,400 million people, it is, along with China, the most populous country on the planet, and has been attracting Basque industrial and technological companies for years. Fagor AutomociĆ³n explains that it has strengthened its relationship with Indian customers, above all by offering automation and digitization solutions.

Mondragon Corporation’s signature highlights that it has experienced exponential growth in recent years. Indian machine tools market, has therefore decided to expand the business with a new office and technology centre. The new office will respond to the new opportunities brought by the Indian market and integrate the needs of the market within the 2022 strategic plan.

Image / CV of Inauguration of Fagor Automation Center in India

Creation and storage

The opening of the new office and technology center prepared this week is part of this expansion plan, along with new facilities Training, service and repair. Additionally, the plant has increased storage space to improve service with a geographical location “in close proximity to major machine tool operators in Bengaluru”.

The launch, attended by more than 80 customers from across the country, represents an important step towards expansion into a “key market” such as India, the machine tool industry, asserts Arrasate Co-op.

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