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Facundo Arana and Maria Zucini celebrate their daughter’s 15th birthday: This is India Today

That family Arana Susini Live the days of passion and joy while celebrating 15 years His first daughter, India. The teenager celebrated with her parents and siblings Received heartfelt messages. Of course, details were not lacking for the intimate celebration, and it was the proud father who took to his Instagram account to show off what the big day looked like.

“Happy birthday. Celebrate with family and friends with big hugs and smiles. Nothing else!”Facundo Arana wrote on his Instagram account with a photo album of those moments They lived on May 11. In the description of the pictures, one of the celebrations took place as a family only, in the presence of the driver Maria Zucini, the birthday girl and her two twin brothers. Yaco and Moro. Apparently, his great companions at home are not lacking, A dog, a ferret and a llama, He posed with teenagers.

Facundo Arana showed his daughter’s birthday celebration (photo Instagram @facundoaranatagle)

The theme of the celebration was the commemoration of India’s performance in sports: horse riding. Specifically, the birthday cake had a horse on it His pet and companion Kalipta Z. India was shown in photos with the gift she received: a T-shirt with an inscription “Horse Pilot”whose translation would be something like “riding a horse”, clearly indicating his great passion for the activity he was undertaking.

Prize won by India (Photo Instagram @facundoranatagle)

Also, the family enjoyed popsicles, Chocolates, mini cakes and cookies, details in pink and black. These pictures expressed the joy of the day and you can see an emotional picture in which Maria Zucini congratulated the birthday girl with a heartfelt kiss.

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This is one of the few times when the actor decides to show the privacy of his home as he and his wife keep their children away from media exposure and fame. But this special date was too happy for Facundo, he decided Share with his over 700k followers.

Maria Zucini with her daughter India (Photo Instagram @facundoraanatagle)

“Greetings my dears. Facundo kisses and kisses”, Comment by Soledad Silveyra; Soledad Pastoruti also congratulated the family. “Happy birthday to the princess House. We love you India.” Facundo Arana’s best friend, actress Gabriela Sari commented. Also, Eleonora Wexler congratulated her two friends and wished the birthday girl.

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Facundo Arana showed his daughter’s birthday celebration

For her part, Maria dedicated heartfelt words to her daughter on Instagram. “Happy birthday and may all your dreams come true”The model wrote next to a photo of India riding her hair.

Maria Susini publication for her daughter (photo Instagram @mariasusini)

The couple are heavy users of social media; However, they share posts about their current work or personal fun moments and rarely show their children in order to protect their privacy. Their love story starts from 2007 They promise it was “love at first sight” when they met after mutual friends’ urging.