February 5, 2023

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EU and India, reasons for approaching | Comment

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the file picture.Eraldo Perez / A.P.

As the global order moves towards many changes, the incentive to bring the situation closer between the EU and India is gaining increasing weight. Brexit leaves a void, especially when the United Kingdom disappears as a political bridge between Asia and Europe. The next EU-India summit in Porto, By converting to virtual format Covit extinction wave to hit Asian country, That will solve the problem. The reasons for the similarity between the two blocks are numerous. Let’s look at some.

1 For India’s shift towards Europe. New Delhi has become a strategic necessity, mediated by the colonial experience, out of skepticism of the West. China’s extensive behavior during the epidemics was affected by the military conflict on the border and the threat posed by China’s economic corridors with Pakistan and Myanmar on the west and east sides.

2 As the President of the Council of Europe said, Charles MichaelAt the previous summit, the two constituencies were political partners because they share a vision of values ​​and globalization. A strategy with a strategic focus on the United States, China presents a vague relationship between cooperation and competition and seeks to avoid conflicting positions in the hypothetical framework of a new Cold War.

3. To the inherent value of India as the opposite weight of China. Although Power asymmetry between two forcesIndia is a major geographical and military obstacle to Beijing’s expansion. Not to forget the international security alliances in the Indo-Pacific.

4. Correlation in political and cultural identity. Both blocks are economically two heavy; Long experience in the administration of two of the world’s most populous democracies, extraordinary cultures, religions and official languages ​​and complex diversity.

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5 Events have demonstrated the interconnectedness of the economy with security and technology, and the rethinking of relations in that light.

6 While it is true that investing in India, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in the coming decades, the Chinese market will bring great benefits to European companies, the European Council for Europe’s Asia Program Director said: Janga Ordell says this is not a question against Beijing, but rather a definition of new cooperation policies with other countries in the region, seeking “more balanced diversification”.

If the EU wants to strengthen multilateralism and avoid getting caught up in the structure of the Cold War, it must launch an Indian-led Asian multilateralism. The current situation makes it easier. Evabor3