May 28, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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English in India

Of the most classic British novelists, I must admit that he was never one of my favorites. E.M. Forster. Compared to Somerset Maugan, Callsworth, Chesterton And other contemporaries always seemed to me somewhat industrious and somewhat superficial. For this reason, when the Navona label invited me to re-read what was considered his masterpiece, Path to India I resisted a bit, finally giving the awesome version and translation Jose Luis Lopez Munoz.

Path to India It is based on a series of white letters, entirely British, forced or optional, depending on everyone, to live with the Hindus who were the British colonial jewel.

Indian cities, their colorfulness, their customs, language barrier and many barriers were a serious test of adaptation and coexistence for newcomers from London. EM Forster’s skill is in getting people to communicate with each other without initial rejection occurring on both sides, making it impossible, not just any conflict, but a little bit of remorse or conspiracy synergy.

On the one hand, on the other hand, mere neighborhood and deep feelings, the writer achieves this Path to India In addition to a long and tiring physical journey, it can be transformed into an equally long and arduous emotional and spiritual journey.

Love, in its various expressions, ranges from the marital habit to the threat of an emotional attack, little by little, side by side, imposing itself on other emotions, dramatically centering the plot with a vague, confusing event. Dividing the British and the Hindus into two uncompromising constituencies, they must have existed before colonialism.

Against the backdrop of separation, hatred, resentment, prejudice, clichs, injustice … and this is where Foster’s pen can fine-tune his psychological scalpel and draw around grown characters. The unquestionable and constant pressure of his innate suspicions and racism has not been erased.

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An interesting journey into colonial India and the souls of its settlers and their citizens, the key to black mythology.