March 25, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The It has exposed the inequalities of society in all its rudeness. Despite the decline of health systems in almost all the countries where the virus has passed, India’s images have not escaped any challenge to the imagination.

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Severe lack of oxygen, sick faces and lost eyes on the streets, in their vehicles, on the doorsteps of overcrowded hospitals, disbelieving relatives hug the dying body or the corpse of their loved ones. Those pictures are those From India.

Today we will see What should countries with similar characteristics of poverty and inequality like Peru learn?, Not to repeat the misfortune already experienced during the first waves .

First, let us remember that India has a population of about 1.4 billion, which is second only to China. In addition to the largest population, the population density (number of inhabitants per 2 km surface) is very high. India, with , Is one of the 10 most populous countries on the planet, with cities like New Delhi Per km2. By comparison, the population densities of Peru and Lima are 26 and 3,300 per km2, respectively.

It is not difficult to imagine what would happen if there was such an infection Infiltrates and manages such a dense community. But the best lesson of Indian misfortune is that it has been a self-inflicted problem.

After its first wave in the second half of 2020, less than 100,000 new cases were filed daily in September. The infection subsided Thanks to the prison measures prescribed by the government.

“Peru is about to elect a new president […] In yesterday’s debate, they presented only the general ones. “

Earlier this year, new cases were relatively rare, with the last two weeks of January and the first two weeks of February, They do not exceed an average of 11,000 cases per day.

That apparent control created Prime Minister Narendra Modi , about what India had already controlled the epidemic, And – they make up 18% of the world’s population – A misfortune.

Reliable, The government took controversial decisions: Allowed to open large network of suburban trains in Bombay; Tens of thousands of spectators enter stadiums for international cricket games; People participate , Like the long festival of Kumbh Mela in Haridwar (which attracted nearly 5 million pilgrims on the banks of the Ganges River, mostly without masks), Ma Ganga (Mother Ganga) was encouraged by priests who said it would save them from infection. Moreover, to end the chain of contagion, politicians – including Modi – were held in full assembly elections With hundreds of thousands of supporters, Often without masks.

Gradually, since March, the number of cases has increased to more than 50,000, reaching 401,993 as of April 30, the highest number recorded in any country. . To make conditions worse Its vaccine coverage is less than 2% of its population, Estimates to be in India Millions of people affected.

View: COVID-19 is spread through the air

A large number of infections allowed SARS-CoV-2 to be replaced, Produces the type B.1.617, which is more contagious than the original version of the virus That may be one reason Is different , Attacking younger people. Apart from this variant, P.117 has been found in the United Kingdom and P.1,351 in South Africa.

The result of these conditions is a truly humanitarian catastrophe, In which – in Peru and other highly affected countries – health systems have collapsed and victims are dying in hospitals, homes and even on the streets. Like Peru, oxygen is so low that the transport of this vital gas is unleashed.

Deaths are numerous, In stunning visual success never seen before Thousands of funeral rites have been built in the streets and parks for cremation. The funeral rite, which replaced the Christian burial ground, was made into an altar of firewood, in which the corpse was cremated in the open.

Lee: Can an infection occur even if fully vaccinated?


No one knows what course this catastrophe will take in India, but of course, for the rulers, This is the biggest lesson in how to deal with it . This misfortune teaches that the virus, which remains for its free will, is going to wreak havoc on a population that provides the right conditions for its spread.

Peru is about to elect a new president, in his five minutes on the subject, in the first debate since yesterday, They provided only general information on how to control it .

Large election demonstrations disregarding the use of masks and body distance, Except for any attempt to open the economy uncontrollably, without respecting the potential of the virus to spread uncontrollably. That was a terrible mistake.

With low vaccine coverage, new varieties in circulation, population with weak health system and severe infectious fatigue, l.The Peruvians expect a manipulation Responsible, Guided by science and evidence.

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