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Elden Ring VR Mod is in development

Elden Ring VR Mod is in development

A computer that allows you to play elden ring In VR on its way, courtesy of Luke Ross. Ross previously released VR mods for Red Dead Redemption 2Beside Cyberpunk 2077 movie. He released a video on his site YouTube channel Show what the situation will look like when finished. [Thanks, PC Gamer!]

This situation will change perspective. Once applied, someone will be able to see through distorted eyes. The original third person view will also appear. However, Ross told PC Gamer that this is not recommended in VR, due to the distance between the player’s view and their avatar.

as much as elden ringThe fight is based on dribbling and rolling, and virtual reality won’t flip every time. According to Ross, the camera will follow the character’s head, but it will still be oriented according to your head in real life. This means that the world will not revolve around you every time you make a move within the game.

The elden ring VR mod is under development. Ross expects that Build release of it by the end of April 2022. However, it will not be fully completed at that point. elden ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows PC. The game has sold more than 12 million units worldwide as of March 2022.

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