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Elden Ring update extends slick slick story, adds squat position

Elden Ring update extends slick slick story, adds squat position

Two fantasy warriors look at each other by the campfire, one is bent over and the other is squatting.

screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

elden ringThe latest patches update includes a fitting ending to the Patches mission that sees fan-favorite NPC players rewarded by his iconic status.

while experiencing Bug fixes and balance adjustmentsBe sure to return to Limgrave Cave where you will likely have first encountered spots. If you’ve already advanced far enough in his mission before the patch, his small cave in Murkwater Cave should be closed by the golden mist that irritates the game boss.

Opening a clearly placed arena chest will prompt the Patches to ambush you again, but this time, he quickly recognizes you and surrenders to avoid being hit again. Once he calms down, he teaches you how to sit low to the floor, and after you’re seated at a checkpoint, he reopens his shop.

Don’t say Patches never gave you anything!

The story of Patches previously ended in The Shaded Castle, a toxin-soaked swamp castle located between Mount Gilmer and the Altus Plateau. It also seemed final: the guy finally gave you a task item and seemed to succumb to his mysterious injuries. I think the dimension hopping jerk still has some fighting left in it after all.

Despite his constant betrayal, souls The community can’t help but love everything about Patches. The news to which his unique photo was added elden ring With today’s patch it was met with overwhelming positivity from fans, many of whom liked the nod to real world position Known colloquially as “Squat Slavs”.

“Finally, I can leave ‘it’s dung time’ messages with an appropriate expression,” One Reddit user wrotestained after my heart.

Just like his enduring legacy As a false amulet for FromSoftwareAppears elden ring Players will be stuck with patches for the foreseeable future. Visit it and see what it has to offer.

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