June 3, 2023

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Earth Day: Create weather watches to warn of warming in India | the world

Hundreds of young and old will gather in New Delhi this Saturday (India) weather clocks that indicate the countdown of time remaining Global warming Exceeds the 1.5°C threshold that should warn of a crisis before it’s too late: six years and ninety days.

“We’re running out of time, we need to start taking action”Chetan Solanki, Professor said Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Promoter of an event in Bombay and today’s event earth day It was supported by the Government of India.

“Today is a day to remember Mother Nature and dedicate ourselves to taking care of her”He said, calling for global emissions reductions and accelerating the transition towards renewables. Renewable energy Like the sun

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These are Digital clocksYoung students worked to rally from a stadium in the capital as a way to visualize the time remaining until temperatures rise by 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels, calculated based on global data from emissions.

Climate scientists point out that if we cross this point of no return, the world will face dire consequences. Climate crisis There is no place to stop the warming.

Rising temperatures not only threaten people’s health Heat waves More frequent and extreme temperatures have killed 13 people attending a government event in the western state of Maharashtra this week.

Drastic temperature changes also affect the country’s economy IndiaBy destroying tons of crops.

In addition, the Global Weather Attribution Initiative, which brings together meteorologists from various organizations around the world, warned last year that the arrival of initial heat in regions like the climate crisis is multiplying by 30. India and Pakistan.

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