March 21, 2023

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Drew Barrymore Responds to Hugh Grant Calling Her Singing ‘Terrible’ – The Hollywood Reporter

Drew Barrymore proves to Hugh Grant what her voice can do after he jokingly calls it “terrible.”

during Wired Video interview Posted on Monday, answering the “most searched questions on the web” Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves The actor was asked, “Does Hugh Grant actually sing Music and lyrics? He replied that it does, but that it is “incredibly auto-tuned.” Actually, this is not true. I automatically tuned in a little bit, but not as much.”

While laughing, the actor went on to say that Barrymore, who starred opposite him in the 2007 rom-com, wouldn’t mind him saying that “her singing is awful” in the movie.

Directed by Mark Lawrence, the film follows former music star Alex Fletcher (Grant) who is given a shot at a professional comeback when he is asked to write a song for teen Cora Korman (Haley Bennett). The only problem is that he can’t compose lyrics, so he teams up with Sophie Fisher (Barrymore), a young woman who has a way with words, to help write a song.

Grant, who recently went viral after an embarrassing red carpet interview at the Oscars with Ashley Graham, didn’t stop there. “I’ve heard dogs bark better than they sing,” he added jokingly. “But… once she tuned in, she sounded better on me, because she had the heart and the voice and the rock ‘n’ roll. While I sounded like Julie Andrews and I was meant to be kind of rock ‘n’ roll too.”

after Wired interview, al Charlie’s Angels The actress was all smiles when she took to Instagram on Thursday to share a clip of her singing “Way Back Into Love” from Music and lyrics, with the caption, “#SingForHughGrant join me.” After showing off her singing, she addresses Grant, saying, “Oh Hugh, Bert, Hubert, that’s for you.”

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