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Dozens of people have been arrested and injured in the outbreak of inter-religious violence in India

This content was released on April 17, 2022 – 08:46

New Delhi, Apr. 17 (EFE) .- Dozens of people were arrested and injured this Sunday following the outbreak of new violence in India during the Hindu festival celebrations.

Violence erupted in New Delhi and Andhra Pradesh (southeastern) last night when Hindu-majority and minority Muslims shouted at each other. Birth of Hanuman, the monkey god of Hinduism.

In the capital, “fourteen people have been arrested so far for some of the arguments that injured nine people,” New Delhi’s Northwest District Assistant Inspector of Police Amit Singh told Efe today.

The injured included “one civilian and eight police officers”, one of whom received a “bullet impact” during the confrontation, although he was already “stable,” the source said.

Images spread on social networks show how a large group throws stones at another crowd and security forces, except for several cars that were completely burnt in the Delhi suburbs of Jahagirpuri in the northwest.

Although the situation was already under control, “the district deputy commissioner of police has arranged a meeting today with all the police stations in the area to maintain peace and order in the area,” the deputy inspector said.

In the southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh, another Hindu procession erupted last night, killing several prisoners and wounding several others.

As the procession passed through a mosque, Kurnool Superintendent of Police Sudhir Kumar told the media that “those inside the mosque approached the door and started chanting their own slogans, resulting in” small stones being thrown on both sides “. On Sunday.

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“Five to six people were injured. Twenty were arrested,” he added, adding that the situation had “already returned to normal”.

Growing religious tension

Violence between Hindus and Muslims erupted during the celebrations in Gujarat (west), Madhya Pradesh (center), and eastern Jharkhand and Bengal last weekend. A Hindu festival called Rama Navami.

In that case, in addition to the wave of arrests, the authorities imposed restrictions after clashes like in Madhya Pradesh, where they approved the curfew order.

This escalation of violence led to the sending of a letter to the Prime Minister of India, the Hindu nationalist, Narendra Modi, to thirteen opposition parties yesterday, who reprimanded him for his silence in the face of recent clashes.

The statement said, “We are shocked by the Prime Minister’s silence on spreading intolerance (…) and inciting our society and not speaking out against the words and actions of those who provoke it.”

Moreover, there are many voices accusing Hindu nationalist organizations of using these religious processions to incite religious unrest.

Opposition leaders condemned the recent spate of social violence in several states, saying “(…) hate speech in the face of aggressive religious processions unleashing social violence.” EFE

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