June 3, 2023

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Don’t put too much into the Marvel vs. The suspicious new Capcom 4

Ever since Infinite got the ax in 2018, there’s been some rumblings about Marvel vs.

We’ve noticed that there are a couple of places posting a new MvC4 rumor with very few details, but it all sounds a little dubious to say the least.

The rumor surfaced this week from an anonymous user on reddit MvC4 claims to be in development, and there are purportedly 42 playable characters in the game – 21 for both the Marvel and Capcom sides.

You have returning favorites like Ryu, Spiderman, Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto, Dr. Doom, Dante, Strider, Felicia, and Morrigan, as well as Juri, Leon S. Kennedy, Star Lord, and Mr. Fantastic, V, Asura, and Akira are listed among the new arrivals.

Things start to unravel pretty quickly, however, at the beginning of the post where they claim MvC4 is still “not far off”, yet it is somehow slated for late 2024.

We know Capcom has been hard at work on Street Fighter 6 for at least 5 years at this point, so it wasn’t nearly enough time to put out a quality new entry in the series unless they wanted to repeat the mistakes of Infinite again. .

With SF6 now only months away from release, it’s very likely that Capcom’s next fighting game will enter pre-production early this year, but we’ll be waiting a long time before that sees the light of day.

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Also, “the whole game is early,” but “this whole list” sounds a little funny, especially when the source isn’t claimed by the publisher and hasn’t been verified by moderators.

They made it clear that Capcom had reached out to Arc System Works to help work on the project as well, which didn’t sit well with the company making previous MvC and SF games for outside developers like Eighting and Dimps, but that they focused more on doing it themselves after SF5 was released.

This isn’t the most convincing rumor we’ve seen regarding MvC4 in recent years.

This is probably due to multiple sources reporting/harassing that MvCI was fixed and reworked so that it could be rebranded as MvC4, which seemed fairly reasonable at the time.

We’ve all been waiting almost 5 years since then, however, Infinite is the same as it was back then, and it’s too late for that to still be a real thing.

It doesn’t seem like the Capcom and Marvel/Disney relationship is completely dead in the least, considering the existence of the 1UP arcade machine for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 released last year and Ultimate Marvel vs. consent of the two entities.

Just because they’re not ignoring each other’s calls now, doesn’t mean they’ve planned something new.

The real developments for the series have continued in the UMvC3 modding scene over the past year, which has exploded in the number and quality of custom characters and content coming to the game.

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So if we get a “new” MvC before the end of 2024, it will most likely come from the masses.

It’s also unlikely that the rumors about MvC4 will stop either because it’s something people really want, so we’ll have to be able to spot the BS so we don’t get our hopes up for nothing right now.