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Do you want to study in India? If you are a Peruvian, find out how to win a scholarship

India offers PhD scholarships to Peru. (Photo: Capture)

Can you imagine studying in India and one of the most recognized educational centers? All Peruvian professionals with a master’s degree e Those who are interested in getting a doctorate degree can get this benefit as a result of the agreement made with Peru in Peru..

Ministry of Education’s National Scholarship and Educational Loans (PrONABEC) Scheme, He said this in a statement Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH), One of the most reputed research institutes in India Scholarships to choose a doctoral degree are currently available to all Peruvians with a master’s degree or a registered patent.

Study projects focus Technology and innovation areas, other research areas, We have Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Climate Change, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Materials include science and metallurgy engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics, design, entrepreneurship and management.


If you are interested in applying, we show below All the requirements you need to take into account to access the scholarship.

– Be great by birth.

– Must have a master’s degree.

– Best Qualifications v (Minimum CPGA 8.5 Max 10 points)

– Has published any research.

– Master the English language.

– Complete the application form.

– Submit the letter of recommendation.

– Others.

Please note that those interested should apply for this competition, for which they should send the application form and the requirements mentioned in the invitation to [email protected] Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 5:00 pm (Indian time). For more information, you should enter the Pronabec page.

This is the link https://www.pronabec.gob.pe/beca-india/#masinformacion

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Coverage of expenses

Winners of the scholarship will receive a scholarship 60,000 Indian rupees per month, equivalent to S / 3,165 and 100,000 Indian rupees, equivalent to S / 5,276 (coincidences). These sums are set aside to cover all costs of the project It will be carried out in live mode and has a duration of four years Approximately.

Remember that The full protection of the study was not carried out by the Peruvian government, but by India.


This is not the first time Peru and India have agreed to provide education to Asian nationals. According to the Peruvian Agency for International Cooperation (APCI), from 2015 to 2017, 119 Peruvians approached the Government of India for grants.

In 2019, scholarships were available for face-to-face professional courses, during which time the Ministry of Education, India’s Technical and Economic Cooperation Division (ITEC) provided courses on banking, finance, human resource development and planning. Irrigation and water resources, management, journalism, climate change and environment, tourism, urban planning, virtual reality, project management, etc.

Big deals with other countries

For bachelor’s or master’s degrees, if you want to know more about studying abroad, We tell you that the government has many agreements with Korea, Poland, Switzerland, Russia and many more.; However, the benefits provided, such as coverage for accommodation, scholarships, procedures or expenses in general, depend not only on the home of the student, but also on the pros and cons.

Enter this link to read the deals and read all the details https://www.pronabec.gob.pe/becas-de-otros-paises/

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