June 7, 2023

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Do you agree to deregulate flights from Brazil and India? | desire

Suspension From South Africa, the COVID-19 epidemic in the world and the third wave of the new corona virus in Peru will be a preventive measure against the risk, although the government has lifted the ban for Brazil and India.

The , The official newspaper published today in El Peruvano, indicates that the air ban only applies to South Africa and does not refer to Brazil as the Federal Republic or the Republic of India, which has been going on for months. Includes The current government has indicated that this restriction applies to both countries as well.

“Suspend until September 19, 2021, the entry of nonimmigrant foreign nationals from the Republic of South Africa or those who have stopped at this place in the last 14 calendar days”, Refers to the rule issued on Saturday, September 4th.

With this in mind, today’s question:

Do you agree to deregulate flights from Brazil and India?

Your answers will be published in this note and we will select the best that will be published in the printed version of tomorrow’s administration.

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