June 7, 2023

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Diego Flores analyzes his performance in India • Diario Demogracia

Grandmaster Diego Flores of Jounin, who won last weekend’s open science game at Villa Constitución (as widely reported by Democracy), accomplished a huge task for the Argentine Chess Federation team that participated in the 44th tournament. Science Games Olympiad in Chennai, India.

He was part of the national team with great masters Fernando Peralta (ELO of 2591, Federico Pérez Ponsa (2554), Leandro Griza and Leandro Tristan (2548), and Juninens achieved five wins, drawing three games and suffering only one loss, two played. Rested in rounds.

Flores, after resting in the opening round (Argentina won 4-0 against Costa Verde), made his debut in the second date against Costa Rican Eugenio Chinchilla Miranda, and in this regard, our compatriot said: “It was a quiet game, me. Well, without doing anything extraordinary. won, mostly due to his mistakes, it was quiet, then I played white against Azerbaijan’s Nijad Abaso (2668). My opponent played well in preparation, he quickly took me out. Going to play, so I was in a very uncomfortable position, with little time, low position, he Believed in me, let me react, I finished a difficult game, with White, I could have pushed a little more, but he scored a lot right from the start and I had to run a lot in line to equalize”.

Later, the seven-time Argentinian champion told Democracia: “On the fourth date, I played against Frederic Waldhausen Gordon (2028 ELO) from Scotland, an 11-year-old boy who looked young. He responded in a different way. He played something that had never been done before, to avoid what I thought, and we both Not opening the technical knowledge, he was not very comfortable in his position, I defined in my favor and won the game. Then I played with David. Arenas (ELO of 2426) , Grandmaster from Colombia. I did well from the beginning, at one point he got a position of trust, I was a “Sacrificed the knight and drew, which was ‘controversial’ but it served me well in practice. Couldn’t settle it and it became a draw”.

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Going further in the analysis of his “Olympic” performance, Flores recalled: “Against Ukraine, in the sixth round to Volodymyr Onyshchuk (ELO 2612), I played my worst game with white pieces. I made mistakes quickly. Opening, I was in a low position, suffered a lot, I started thinking a lot, it was all uphill, he finished me well and didn’t give me chances.

I think I wanted to play better against a power like Ukraine, but it didn’t happen and after the rest day, I think my best time came. The best.

Against Estonia (after resting in the previous round) I played black against Grandmaster Melis Kanep (ELO 2417). Everything was prepared and I won a good game. He was visibly uncomfortable and I beat him cleanly, one of my best in India”. In the final part of his account of his experience in Chennai, Diego revealed: “Then I met the English Grandmaster Ravi Haria (ELO’s 2505), a young man of about 20 years. The game was very ‘wild’, with everything going on, we both had chances, but the game ended ‘quietly’, in a draw.

In the final, I beat Zhenyong Wong well (only national win against Singapore) (2163). I felt very comfortable at the start, he made some mistakes and I was able to overtake him quickly. In the last round, against a Finn (Bekka Koika), I surprised him by playing something new that I had never played before. He had chosen to play with a calm, non-ideal, white color that allowed me to look good and I beat him in a better position than him”, completed the draw of great master Diego Flores at the Chess Olympiad in India. .

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Tribute to Diego Maradona in Chennai

After 12 days of intense play in India, the 44th Chess Olympiad 2022 edition concluded with an emotional tribute to Diego Armando Maradona at the end of the tournament.

As a tribute to “Pelusa”, both Argentine teams finished the last round with two wins in men’s and women’s and were among the top 35 teams in the world in both categories. Arkady Dvorkovich, president of the International Chess Federation and re-elected for a second term, has paid tribute to the passing of soccer star Diego Armando Maradona.

The event was attended by the entire national delegation and Argentina’s ambassador to India, Hugo Copi, who had traveled from New Delhi specifically to participate in the event. Mario Petrucci, President of the Argentine Chess Federation (FADA) and once the games began the last round, the Argentine chess players wore badges with the image of Maradona, which they wore throughout the day. held, the eleventh ended with a double Argentine victory.

The men’s full team defeated Finland 2.5 to 1.5, with the win moving the 30th-placed national team to 33rd place with 14 points, five points behind champions Uzbekistan. With this, the men’s delegation finished 34th at the Olympics in Georgia. On the final day, the women’s team finished 34th out of 162 teams with a 2.5 to 1.5 win against Canada yesterday, while the women’s team was ranked 40th.

It is composed of Marisa Zuriel (ELO 2174), María José Campos (2185), Anapaola Borda Rosas (2183), María Belén Sarquis (2072) and Guadalupe Besso (ELO 2059). In the women’s division, second-placed Ukraine beat Poland 3-1 to claim the crown.

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