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Destiny 2's latest raid keeps player's ear destroyed

Destiny 2’s latest raid keeps player’s ear destroyed

Golgoroth is standing next to a pillar in Destiny 2.

screenshot: bungee

Over the past few days, Fate 2 He was struck by an insect as fun as it is terrifying. If you end up getting eliminated during a battle against Golgoroth, a boss who appears halfway through the recently revived King’s Fall Raid raid, the ghouls will let out a terrifying shriek.

Last week, Bungie appeared Fate 2The eighteenth season, the season of looting. It adds a slew of new changes, including a flurry of high-powered weapons, updates to the game’s esoteric leveling system, a compelling cast of supporting characters, and, unfortunately, an ongoing commitment to a questionable crafting system. (paying off Ethan’s comprehensive description of what is good, what is bad, and what is ugly For full details.) Loot Season aims to lay the foundation for Fate 2coming Lightfall expansionnext spring.

On Friday, Bungie released it again fateautumn king raid, which was launched in 2015 As part of the first game I took the king expansion. It is regularly promoted among fans as one of the best raids Bungie has ever launched Fate 2. There is only one small issue.

“We are aware of an issue where Golgoroth can sometimes emit an extremely loud roar in a King’s Fall raid,” Bungie Support Team wrote on Twitter. “It is recommended to lower the audio output when fighting Golgoroth so that the repair can be carried out.”

I know what you’re thinking, because I thought it too: it couldn’t be who – which bad, right? Yes, about that… (Turn down the volume seriously.)

The audio only appears to trigger when you and your firetime “wipes,” or dies, which can happen if you don’t Pay attention to specific rules– Including attention to a timer that causes players to explode – in the fight against Golgoroth. On the plus side, the battle itself is not negatively affected by these audio issues; This is just an audio error.

For the most part, players seem to take steps step by step. Many of the responses to Bungie’s initial statement about the bug are from players’ post Memes (You don’t need to scroll far to Find a partner roar), pranksor Videos From him it works hand in hand with unexpected reactions. One person describe it Clips are wrong as “the funniest thing I’ve seen in months.”

Bungie has not detailed a timeline for the repair. Studio representatives did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication. Meanwhile, RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWRRRRRR.

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