March 22, 2023

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Demand for AstraZeneca vaccine in India is high – GAVI by COVAX

Krishna n. By Das

NewDelhi, December 9 – Global Vaccine Distribution Network Kovacs There is a strong demand for anti-estrogen vaccine doses Govt-19 Made in India, said its co-lead organization GAVIFollowing the comments of the manufacturer, Indian Serum Company (SII), Depending on the sharp fall in consumption.

The SII, The world’s largest vaccine maker, said this week CNBCTV18 India and and temporarily reduce the production of the vaccine without new orders from the Government of India Kovacs It was absorbing less than the amount the company could offer.

CEO of SII, Adar Poonavalla, a company that markets the Govshield vaccine, said Kovacs It places orders, but “it is very slow and will be accepted in the next quarter.” Covshield’s production is currently 250 million doses per month.

GAVI Said Kovacs New Delhi last month allotted 40 million doses of shields to countries after approval SII With the resumption of such products for the first time since April, there is an option to purchase vaccines while maintaining a “flexible approach as epidemiology and the needs of countries continue to evolve”.

“We continue to experience strong demand SII-Covshield by countries … “, said a spokesman GAVI In an email.

“CowShield will continue to play an important role in the synthesis of various vaccines. Kovacs அடைய Achieve higher coverage rates in low-income countries ”.

To the question of the speed of vaccine orders and their acceptance, GAVI Recipients should be assigned doses and it will take time for plans, approvals and distribution to administer them, he said.

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The purpose of ” Kovacs The population should be protected as soon as possible, but all possible care should be taken to ensure that we can manage the doses we send to the beneficiary countries, ”he said. GAVI.

“That’s why it’s so important for all manufacturers to provide the best possible transparency regarding delivery times and volumes.”

The SII There is a contract to deliver 550 million doses to Govshield KovacsBut so far only about 37 million have been sent.