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Dell's 32-inch 4K monitor costs $1,599.99 — like a studio monitor

Dell’s 32-inch 4K monitor costs $1,599.99 — like a studio monitor

Dell finally revealed the $1599.99 price tag tied to UltraSharp 32-inch 4K video conferencing monitor previewed at CES (Across 9to5Mac). If this price sounds familiar, it’s because 27 inch Apple Studio Monitor It costs you about the same amount – only Dell justifies the price with the size of the screen and camera sensor, while Apple’s sales rely on the still rare 5K resolution.

The Dell Monitor (U3223QZ) It comes with a focus on video conferencing, as evidenced by Dell’s integrated UltraSharp webcam with a Sony Starvis 4K HDR sensor that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you stay in frame during a call. This is a little bit like Apple Center feature Used in Studio Display and other Apple devices, a similar auto-framing function recently implemented by HP in Upcoming Z24m video conferencing monitor.

The monitor comes with a 4K Sony Starvis webcam and two noise-canceling microphones.
Photo: Dell

You can tilt the camera to different angles without having to move the entire screen (although you can technically, since the screen is tiltable), as well as customize the field of view to 65, 78, or 90 degrees, depending on how much background you want in the frame. The shutter will automatically open when you use it and close when it isn’t, which means you won’t have to remember to manually close the shutter (or slap a piece of tape on the webcam) when you’re done with the meeting. In terms of sound, it features dual noise-canceling microphones and two 14W speakers.

The 4K 3840 x 2160 IPS display has a 60Hz refresh rate with an 8ms slow response time, which isn’t the most ideal if you’re looking to play some games on the screen when you’re done with work. It also has a decent selection of ports – plug it into your computer or laptop with a USB-C port, and you’ll have access to an additional USB-C port, an HDMI 2.0 port, DisplayPort 1.4, and five USB 3.2 Gen 10Gbps 2 ports.

The monitor comes with a variety of ports.
Photo: Dell

The Dell monitor’s webcam is certainly one of its strong points – the Studio Display has a 12MP webcam that struggles with video quality at launch. despite Apple has rolled out an update to try to fix the problem, It still does not produce the most impressive camera quality.

For Mac users, though, it may not be worth migrating to a 4K screen when there’s already a 5K screen within Apple’s ecosystem for the same price tag. In addition, many Mac owners prefer screens with 5K resolution, such as users Trend to Having problems with sizing When using a 4K monitor as an external monitor.

So, is Dell’s new monitor the right choice if you’re going to spend $1,599? Probably not for Mac users, but we won’t be able to find out until it ships in July.

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