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Dell XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition Certified for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Dell XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition Certified for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Zoom / Dell XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition in graphite colour.


Dell is expanding its love of Linux to the Dell XPS 13 Plus. The Developer version for laptop Canonical today announced that it has been certified for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. This means that the laptop will go on sale starting in August with the latest version of Ubuntu, and XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition owners can download Ubuntu 22.04 LTS today (even if they bought it with Windows 11) for guaranteed performance.

XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition is the first 22.04 LTS certified laptop, and joins only some Raspberry pie devices in certificate. However, Dell has certified some of its XPS laptops, as well as others, for Ubuntu for generations. HP and Lenovo also have Ubuntu certified systems.

Of course, Ubuntu certification means that all components will “work as expected,” Canonical said in today’s announcement. Furthermore, Ubuntu LTS certification means that the device will have at least 10 years of support. Ubuntu Release cycle page It states that LTS (Long Term Support) releases include 10 years of “basic package” security and maintenance updates.

Certified devices also include specific software or drivers that differ from the default distribution where applicable. These are determined automatically in the profiler package [installs] optimum configurationtion of packages, drivers and kernel to deliver the best experience on this device,” Canonical ad said.

These changes form factory images used by partners such as Dell but are also updated to the main Ubuntu distribution, so that certified devices receive the application.iate meta-package, even for users Install Ubuntu by themselves. ”

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XPS 13 Developer Edition also comes in Platinum.
Zoom / XPS 13 Developer Edition also comes in Platinum.

Ubuntu 22.04, announced in April, introduces a new version of the Gnome 42 Linux desktop environment that shows promise “iIncreased desktop performance with triple buffering, and more control over…power management settings,” Canonical . said the changes Include new workspace layouts, touchpad gestures, and more customization options, such as shared officesDark style top.

Since 2013, Dell Developer Edition laptops have been aimed at programmers, and the XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition represents the 10th generation.

Dell XPS 13 Plus It generally includes a visually redesigned machine, including a MacBook-like capacitive touch bar that replaces the function row and other tricks to enable the use of a 28W CPU instead of 15W. The XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition laptop upgrades to an Intel Core i7-1280P processor with six performance cores (1.8-4.8 GHz), eight effective cores (1.3-3.6 GHz), and 20 threads.

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